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Campus Policy Number: 900-90

Vehicles - Renting and Leasing

Policy Owner: Fleet Services

Effective Date: 5/1/2000



    1. Definition and Policies


      A term lease rental is rental of a vehicle for one or more months. A monthly recharge rate will apply. A department renting a vehicle for less than one month will be charged the daily recharge rate.

      Rental of University vehicles to departments on a term lease basis will be made by obtaining approval from the Services Enterprise Manager through Fleet Services. Requests should be submitted on the "Request for Term Lease Rental" form. (See "Rental Form" on Fleet Services web page http://ucrservice.ucr.edu/fleet/findex.html ). These forms are also available through Fleet Services.

      If approved, the department is committed to keeping the vehicle for the time period specified on the request form. If the vehicle(s) is/are returned to Fleet Services before the term is over, the department will be charged a fee for early return of the vehicle(s). The fee is one-half (1/2) of the monthly recharge rate for the unused months. Any changes in the justification of need for a vehicle on a lease assignment should be reported to Fleet Services.

      If the vehicles(s) is/are driven less than 7,500 miles per year (625 miles per month or 144 miles per week), at the discretion of the Fleet Services Manager, the vehicles may be exchanged in order to rotate low mileage vehicles and better utilize the fleet.


    2. Purchase of Specialized Vehicles


      Specialized vehicles, such as waste collection vehicles, fork-lifts, tractors, motor scooters or any vehicles modified with equipment solely for one purpose, may be purchased by individual departments. Fleet Services will be used for fuel, repairs, and servicing.

      General purpose vehicles are to be controlled by Fleet Services. However, a department having a special need can request a waiver of this policy from the Vice Chancellor Administration. These vehicles will be treated as though they were specialized vehicles, and departments will be responsible for the purchase price and costs for continuing maintenance and repair.

      Departments purchasing vehicles should contact the Insurance Coordinator in Materiel Management to make arrangements for insurance coverage. Departments are responsible for the costs related to this coverage.

    Daily and by-trip rentals of a University vehicle may be made by logging on to the Fleet customer service interface at or by calling Fleet Services in advance for a reservation. For each vehicle reserved, Fleet Services must have a Full Accounting Unit (FAU) number from the requesting department. The driver will be issued a trip ticket with the reservation number, date and hour of departure and the starting mileage recorded. At the time the vehicle is returned, the driver must complete the trip ticket by filling in the time, date and end -mileage. If the vehicle cannot be returned on the date stated at the time the reservation was made, the driver must notify Fleet Services as soon as possible.

    When a reserved vehicle is not needed, Fleet Services must be notified at least one hour prior to the release time of the vehicle so that it may be made available for other assignments. Charges will be made in the amount of 1/2 daily rental fee for reservations that are not cancelled in advance. Special consideration will be given for cancellations due to inclement weather, or for bonafide reasons beyond the user's control.

    Vehicle users making reservations which include Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays will be charged for those days. Arrangements may be made for Saturday, Sunday or holiday start and return dates, with charges only for the days used.

    If a University vehicle is returned after working hours or on the weekend, it should be parked in the designated spaces in Lot 23 off Linden Ave in front of Physical Plant. The trip ticket should be filled out properly and it, along with the keys, should be left in the yellow drop box at the entrance to the Corporation Yard. Lock the vehicle.

    Departments returning vehicles that are excessively dirty, regardless of the intended use, will be responsible for cleaning the vehicles before returning them to Fleet. This includes vehicles used to transport chemicals that cause odors or are spilled in the vehicle. If the vehicle is returned not cleaned or deodorized, the department will be charged all related cleaning costs plus a minimum charge of $25.00 per day for revenue loss of the vehicIe. Any damage other than normal wear and tear will be charged to the department. There is a $25.00 minimum charge if the box truck or stake bed is not cleared of all debris before returning.

    The use of University vehicles by bonafide student activity groups is permitted, but reservations must be approved and made by the authorizing department(s).

    • Gasoline Purchases


    All employees operating University vehicles are required to use 87 octane self-serve gas facilities rather than full service at external fuel facilities. Departments not adhering to this policy will be recharged the difference in price.

    Exchange of Vehicles for Repair

  1. Term Lease Rentals
  2. Daily and By-Trip Rentals