UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 900-70

Vehicle Registration

Policy Owner: Fleet Services

Effective Date: 8/22/1989


  1. Responsibilities
  2. Fleet Services is responsible for administration and licensing of all University-owned vehicles.

    All vehicles obtained by University purchase order, or through the State Educational Agency for Surplus property, will automatically be licensed by Fleet Services (unless a specific request is received from the department presenting sufficient justification for not licensing the vehicle).

    Vehicles obtained through other than the above sources such as gifts to the University, should be referred immediately to the Fleet Manager, accompanied by any documents pertaining to the vehicle's transfer to the University. All vehicles that are gifted to specific departments become the property of the University. Registration and use of such vehicles requires adherence to University policies.

    Vehicles may not be purchased with University funds regardless of the source of those funds. All general purpose vehicles must be rented or leased from Fleet Services. Vehicles that are donated to the University may not be replaced using University funds, and must be declared as surplus property at the end of the useful life of the donated vehicle.

  3. Damaged or Lost License Plates
  4. The Department must notify Fleet Services immediately following the discovery that plates are either lost or damaged. Replacement plates can then be obtained.

  5. Dismantling of Vehicles
  6. When a vehicle is dismantled, or otherwise altered, the department must notify Fleet Services. The Fleet Manager will determine whether to cancel the registration or employ other procedures, as warranted by the circumstances.

    NOTE: When registration of a vehicle is cancelled as a result of dismantling, it cannot be reinstated.