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Deleted Effective:  (2015-10-01)

Campus Policy Number: 900-45

Use of Privately Owned Automobiles on University Business

Policy Owner: Office of Risk Management

Effective Date: 11/01/2006

Revision Date:  02/20/2015

  1. Policy – General

    1. Employees may use their privately-owned vehicles on official University business and be reimbursed for mileage only with the prior knowledge and permission of the Department Chair or his/her designee.
    2. Employees who use their privately-owned vehicles on official University business either on a regular or infrequent basis, regardless of whether or not they are reimbursed for mileage, are required to maintain at least minimum prescribed automobile liability insurance limits, which are:

      1. $50,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person;
      2. $100, 000 for injury to, or death of, two or more persons in one accident, and;
      3. $50,000 for property damage.
    3. Privately-owned motorcycles or motor-driven cycles are not authorized for use on official University business.
    4. In the event of an accident, the employee’s automobile liability insurance is primary; the University’s self-insurance is secondary.
  2. Definitions

    1. Regular use is defined as (a) 4 or more trips per calendar month totaling at least 300 miles of reimbursed private automobile travel; or (b) the submission of a Travel Voucher for reimbursement every month on a continuous basis, regardless of the actual number of miles traveled.
    2. Infrequent use is defined as occasional use and less than 300 miles per month, regardless of whether or not a Travel Voucher for reimbursement is submitted.
  3. Requirements

    1. Regular Use

      1. Employees must possess a valid driver’s license.
      2. The following information must be kept on file for every employee within the department who uses a privately-owned vehicle on University business:

        1. Vehicle identification (year, make, model, and serial number) for each vehicle being used regularly on University business.
        2. Either a Certificate of Insurance from the employee’s insurance carrier or a photo copy of the portion of the automobile policy that shows the vehicle being driven, the policy limits and policy periods.  This information must be kept current for each vehicle an employee uses on University business.
        3. Employees are required to notify the appropriate department personnel in the event his/her insurance is canceled for any reason.
        4. Departments are responsible for ensuring compliance with these policies and other applicable systemwide and campus policies and procedures.
      3. Infrequent Use

        1. Employees are required to possess a valid driver’s license.
        2. Employees are required to sign a statement that the vehicle has the minimum liability coverage in force, as specified above, at the time of the trip.  This statement is to be kept on file within the employee’s department.  See Attachment 1 for a sample letter.
  4. Damage to Employee’s Vehicle

    1. When a privately-owned vehicle operated by an employee in the course of conducting University business is damaged by collision or sustains other accidental damage, reimbursement for repair expenses borne by the employee may be authorized up to $500 or the amount of the deductible, whichever is less.
    2. Expenses recoverable from insurance coverage are not eligible for reimbursement.
    3. The amount reimbursed shall be based on receipts submitted by the employee to the individual who authorized the travel.
  5. Questions

    Any questions concerning this policy should be referred to the Office of Risk Management.  E-mail or call the Campus Director of Risk Management at extension 2-8224; erica.healander@ucr.edu or the Liability Programs Manager at extension 2-3206; richard.rycraw@ucr.edu.

  6. References

    1. Business and Finance Bulletin, G-28, “Policy and Regulations Governing Travel.”
    2. UCR Policy and Procedures Manual, Policy 900-20, “Travel Expense Reimbursement Rates and Process.”
    3. Attachment 1 - Policy No. 900-45

Updated:  02/20/2015 (TW)

Marked for Deletion:  10/01/2015 (TW)