UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 900-37

Fleet Services - Repairs, Preventative Maintenance, etc.

Policy Owner: Fleet Services

Effective Date: 5/1/2000

  1. Car Wash:
  2. Fleet Services has a self-service drive-through car wash at the Corporation Yard. Department assigned vehicle operators may use this facility at no cost to the department. However, no Fleet Services employees are available to assist the operators electing to use the facility. This car wash cannot be used for private use. For a full service vehicle wash, the campus has a contract with Canyon Crest Car Wash, located at 5225 Canyon Crest Drive, Suite 81. When using Canyon Crest Car Wash, the vehicle operator will complete the vendor billing information prior to the service: which includes the vehicle number, license number, department and operator's name and the date. The campus receives a substantial discount for these services and the cost varies depending on the type of vehicle that is washed. The campus is billed for these services. Fleet Services reviews the billing and the departments are charged for the services.

  3. Emergency Repairs:
  4. Vehicles requiring emergency repairs are authorized to use the University credit card issued to the vehicles for repairs up to a maximum of $100.00. If the repair estimate exceeds this authorized amount, the driver must call Fleet Services for approval prior to authorizing the vehicle repair. The credit card may not be used to purchase equipment items such as flares, cool cushions, and other non-essential/non-emergency equipment.

  5. Pool Vehicles:
  6. Pool vehicles will be dispatched based on the age of the vehicle, with the oldest being dispatched first. This procedure is necessary in order to equalize the mileage and point factors established to improve vehicle utilization and update the vehicle pool.

  7. Preventative Maintenance Program:
  8. Fleet Services preventative maintenance program requires that all vehicles in the fleet be returned to the garage every 4 months or 4,000 miles for service and other preventative maintenance requirements. Campus vehicles scheduled for maintenance are to be returned every four months or 4,000 miles for inspection, whichever is sooner. Vehicles should be returned to Fleet Services when requested to maintain this schedule.

  9. Special Equipment:
  10. Special equipment (camper shell/trailer hitch/heavy duty rear bumper) will be added to the vehicle at the time of purchase if required, based on a documented justification for the special equipment. After delivery of a new vehicle to a requesting department, any special or modified equipment shall be at the expense of the user department.