UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 900-30

Traffic Law Violations While Driving University Vehicle

Policy Owner: Fleet Services

Effective Date: 8/22/89

All University vehicles must be driven in a safe and legal manner, and drivers are expected to exhibit model behavior. The driver is responsible for the payment of any traffic and parking citations incurred by him/her while operating the vehicles.

The University's vehicles are registered to the local campus and the State Insurance Office forwards notices of moving traffic violations directly to the campuses. Any University employee cited for a moving traffic violation while operating a University vehicle will be given a warning in writing. A second violation may result in temporary suspension of the employee's right to drive a University vehicle. Three violations within a twelve month period by the same individual may result in permanent suspension of the right to use a University vehicle.

Any parking ticket (whether issued by Campus Parking Services or a government entity) charged to a University vehicle will be charged back to the user department. It will be the responsibility of the user department to collect fines paid from the driver who was responsible for the violation.