UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Title:                              Travel – Policy, Regulations, and Procedures

Policy Number:                        900-20

Responsible Officer:

Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Services and Controller

Responsible Office:

Business Financial Service - Accounting Office

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



Travel Reimbursement Guidance

  I.            Policy and Procedures Overview

The policy and regulations governing official University travel are provided in the University of California (UC) Business & Finance Bulletin G-28; Travel Regulations (G-28). Refer to G-28 for general and specific policy guidance. This policy applies to all official UC travel, including travel funded under grants and contracts. This UC Riverside policy implements campus-wide procedures augmenting the guidance provided in of G-28.

II.           Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for the travel planning and reporting processes at UC Riverside are outlined in the campus iTravel User Guides

III.         Campus Implementing Procedures and Programs

The UCR iTravel System is a comprehensive and flexible web-based system for Travel Planning and Expense Reporting. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of campus departments. It also serves to enhance compliance with University travel policy, especially regarding required authorizations. For more information on the iTravel system, visit https://o365ucr.sharepoint.com/sites/BFS/Support/itravel.

For more information about the reimbursement process of approved travel expenses, visit the Business Financial Services Service Level Agreement webpage. 

IV.         Exception Process

The conditions under which exceptions to the policy may be approved are outlined in G-28. Exceptions may be authorized in writing by the Chancellor or designee. Any re-delegation of such authority by the Chancellor to a designee must be made in writing. 

At UC Riverside, the Chancellor has re-delegated this authority to each Organization Head. For more information about these re-delegations of authority, visit CHA0051.

V.           Policy and Quick Links

For more information regarding the fundamental elements of the system-wide travel policy; G-28, links to additional references are listed below:

VI.        Related References

Other related system-wide policy references can be found by visiting G-28.

Other related campus policies and procedures are listed below:

VII.       Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions, visit https://o365ucr.sharepoint.com/sites/BFS/Support/iTravel/Pages/faq.aspx

VIII.    Questions

Questions and comments regarding this policy can be submitted via Service Now: https://ucrsupport.service-now.com/ucr_portal/ or travelfeedback@ucr.edu.

 IX.        Revision History

The policy and associated procedures are reviewed, at a minimum every two years, by the Responsible Officer or designee. The Office of Compliance updates this policy and associated procedures to reflect changes to related policies or governing standards, regulations, laws, and other such guidance as often as required.