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Policy Title:                Travel & Entertainment Corporate Charge Card

Policy Number:           900-05

Responsible Officer:

Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Services and Controller

Responsible Office:

Business and Financial Services – Accounting Office

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Guidance on Travel & Entertainment Corporate Charge Card

 I.           Purpose

The University of California at Riverside (UC Riverside) has contracted with US Bank for a VISA Travel & Entertainment Corporate Charge Card (T&E Card). This document provides guidance about its use by eligible UC Riverside employees.


The T&E Card facilitates the accounting process for expenses related to travel and entertainment expenses incurred by active UC Riverside employees in the conduct of University business. The two key incentives for University employees to use the T&E Card are: 1) most travel expenses--airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, meals, etc. can be charged without restrictions; and 2) the need to carry cash is reduced substantially. The principal advantage to the University in issuing the T&E Card to eligible University employees is that it reduces the number of travel advances, saving money--both in processing costs and interest expense on the reserve balance. Those UC Riverside employees issued a T&E Card are solely liable for all charges incurred on that account.


II.          Eligibility

The T&E Card may be issued to any active employees (faculty, staff, and student) of the UC Riverside eligible to travel on University business. Before authorizing the issuing of a T&E Card, each Department Head must verify that the designated UC Riverside employees within their respective units will be traveling on University business at least once a year.


Individuals who are not employees of UC Riverside may not be issued a T&E Card. Upon separated as an employee of UC Riverside, individuals must destroy and discard the T&E Card. Within 30 days of the separation date, the Accounting Office will inactivate the subject T&E Card. Until inactivated, individuals issued a T&E Card remain solely liable for all charges incurred on that account.


III.        Card Issuance and Renewal

Eligible UC Riverside employees may apply for the T&E Card at any time. The Application Form is available on the Accounting Office website. The form must be completed in accordance with the instructions provided and submitted to the respective Department Head for review and approval. Upon the approval of the Department Head, it is sent to the Accounting Office for processing. Generally, the eligible UC Riverside employees receive their T&E Card in two to three weeks at the address furnished on their application form. T&E Cards are automatically reissued every three years, mailed directly to those UC Riverside employees with open accounts and who remain in good credit standing.


IV.        Cost and Liability

Eligible UC Riverside employees incur no costs associated with the issuance and renewal of the T&E Card. They are liable for all expenses charged to their respective T&E Card. In addition to charging expenses related to their travel on behalf of the University, they may use the T&E Card for incidental personal expenses when it is not practical to carry another personal credit card. All UC Riverside employees issued a T&E Card receive a monthly billing statement, sent to the address furnished on their application form. charges. They remain solely liable for all charges incurred until the T&E Card is inactivated.


V.          Associated Policies and Procedures

Current policies pertaining to statewide, out-of-state, and foreign travel still apply, as does the requirement for the traveler to submit a correct Travel Reimbursement Request via the online iTravel expense reporting system. The University will reimburse the card holder/traveler for University travel upon receipt of a properly documented/approved Travel Reimbursement Request within iTravel. A promptly submitted (within twenty-one days) travel reimbursement request should permit receipt of University reimbursement prior to receipt of the T&E Card monthly billing statement.


VI.       US Bank Visa Card - Users Guide

The US Bank Visa Card - Users Guide website has information on the following topics:

A.   Eligibility

B.   Member Benefits

Card Issuance and Renewal, Spending Guidelines, Card Replacement/Lost or Stolen Cards, Card Cancellation, Billing Statements and Options, Liability, Dispute Procedures, Foreign Currency Conversion

C.   Cash Disbursement

Acceptance by Merchant, ATM and Member Offices, Cash Advance Access, Travelers Checks, Personal Checks

D.   Insurance

Auto Rental Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, Lost or Stolen Baggage Coverage & Assistance

E.   Travel and Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance, Pre-trip Assistance, Translation Service, Guaranteed Hotel/Motel Reservation Service, 24-Hour Locator Service.


The US Bank Customer Service can be contacted at:  1-800-344-5696.


VII.     Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about US Bank Visa corporate card can be found at:  http://accounting.ucr.edu/travel/usbankvisa-qa.html.


VIII.   Contacts

All questions regarding this policy should be referred to the Accounting Office - Travel Section, 2-3305.


IX.       Related References

X.         Revision History

The policy and associated procedures are reviewed, at a minimum every two years, by the Associate Vice Chancellor Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Services and Controller or designee. The Office of Compliance updates this policy and associated procedures to reflect changes to related policies or governing standards, regulations, laws, and other such guidance as often as required.