UCR Policies and Procedures

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(Currently Under Review by Policy Owner)

Campus Policy Number: 900-04

Alternative Transportation and Shuttle Bus

Policy Owner: Transportation & Parking Services

Effective Date: 8/15/96


In an effort to improve air quality, and parking congestion on campus, UCR encourages everyone to use some form of alternative transportation to work or school. Participants must register in the Parking Office in order to receive benefits.


A Shuttle Service (the Highlander Hauler) is provided for the convenience of the campus community. The shuttle route travels the periphery of the campus bringing residents to work and school to bring passengers onto campus. Two routes have been established. The routes begin at 7:00 a.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. Schedules are available at locations throughout campus.


Eight commuters who reside in the same communities and plan to share a ride to campus may participate in the university vanpool program. Transportation and Parking Services will subsidize 30% of the vanpool mileage cost. All participants are subject to following the rules and regulations of the vanpool policy. The policy is available at the Parking Office and is also accessible on GOPHER.



  1. Two or more faculty, staff, or graduate students traveling to work together during the hours of 6-10 a.m. may participate in the carpool program. Participants pay 1/2 the cost of the preferred parking permit fee, and park in the preferred or designated spaces in their assigned lot.



  2. Undergraduate students with a valid parking permit and 3 or more persons in a vehicle commuting to campus together may participate in the student carpool program. For further information please call the Alternative Transportation Office at extension 4428.



Monthly bus passes are available to all faculty, staff, and students. Transportation and Parking Services subsidizes 50% of the cost.


Faculty, staff, and graduate students who register as walkers and bicyclists are eligible for locker and showering privileges at the department of Physical Education.


All faculty, staff and graduate students who are registered in the alternative transportation program are eligible to receive an AT permit allowing them to park for free for 24 days per fiscal year in their assigned lots. In lieu of the AT permit, AT Dollars will also be available to program participants. Contact the Parking Office for further information.


All faculty, staff, and graduate students who are registered in the alternative transportation program will receive a ride home if an emergency should occur and they do not have a vehicle available to them. Transportation and Parking Services will provide the transportation for such emergencies. Certain conditions apply. The vehicle must be returned to Fleet Services by 8 a.m. the next morning. Any additional charges will be the responsibility of the individual.

For additional incentive information call 787-4395 x 1271 or apply in person at the Parking Office.