UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number 850-45

Police Operations and Services

Policy Owner: Police

Effective Date: 10/02/01

The University of California Police Department, Riverside, is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to assist anyone on campus with any police/fire/medical (or other safety-related) problems.

In support and recognition of the University's research and instructional objectives, the primary mission of the Police Department is the protection of life and property on and around the University campus. Its primary goal is to work independently, and in harmony with other campus units, toward a safe and hospitable campus environment.

The Police Department will provide response, investigation, referral, and/or documentation, as appropriate, for any police or safety-related matter.

When reporting any business (emergency or routine) to the Police Department, you must thoroughly answer questions from the dispatcher (person answering police phones) to assure proper classification, prioritization, and response to your call for assistance.



    All police/fire/medical emergencies should be reported immediately, utilizing the 9-1-1 system reporting procedure appropriate to the telephone instrument or by using the emergency call boxes located in or adjacent to parking lots.



    1. All PBX station phones (those capable of 4-digit extension interoffice calls) must dial 9-9-1-1.


    3. All dormitory room phones utilizing an "8" to dial an outside number must dial 8-9-1-1.


    5. On-Campus residences and businesses on outside lines (e.g., Bannockburn and Crest Housing) must dial 9-1-1.


    7. All pay phones are programmed for 9-1-1 access by dialing 9-1-1 after receipt of a dial-tone. No coin deposit should be necessary to initiate and complete a 9-1-1 call.

    Emergency Call Boxes

    The purpose of the emergency call boxes is to provide a method for people to alert the UCR Police Department of any emergency or suspicious circumstances they may observe. To activate the box, open the box, press the red button and tell the UCR Police Dispatcher what you have seen. If in an emergency you are unable to speak, you can alert the Police simply by pulling the handle. This will signal the dispatcher who will send assistance.



    Non-emergency business may be reported/handled by calling ext. 5222. When off campus, dial 787-5222.



    There are a variety of services that the Police Department provides to the campus. Some are offered free of charge and others are provided on a recharge basis. Some of these services are listed below:

    Examples of free services:


    1. Crime Prevention Presentations, Seminars and Classes, including tips on both campus and residential crime prevention. These are provided through the Human Resources Employee Development Course series, and to individual departments upon request.


    3. In conjunction with the UCR Children's Center, Fingerprinting of Children.


    5. Providing Campus Escorts when the Escort Program is unavailable.


    7. Vehicle and space (office or campus residential) Lock-out Assistance (with proper identification and authorization).


    9. Assistance in arranging for Auto Club or other Roadside Assistance for vehicle breakdowns.


    11. Campus Maps and Information, 24 hour-per-day, 7 days-per-week.


    13. Community Relations Presentations regarding the University police, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, or other related topics.


    15. Campus "Night Watch" Program, which includes foot patrols and random building checks by our Community Service Officers (CSO's) who report safety and security deficiencies.


    17. Vacation House Checks are provided to on-campus residents of family student housing and University owned apartments.

    Examples of recharge services:


    1. The campus 800 MHz adio System is administered by the Police Department.  Access to the radio system is provided at a rate of $26.00 per month per radio.  The Police Department provides radio use training upon request, for departments with 800 MHz radios.


    3. Special Event Security is provided utilizing police officers, and/or CSO's specifically assigned to the event. This occurs when an event may require services beyond the capabilities of the normal police patrol shift.

      Typical events requiring this service are: Athletic events, concerts, dances, large parties, or other events with a potential significant community impact (crowds, parking control, etc.). Event rates are:

      $50.00 per non-UC affiliated event
      $33.00 per affiliated event

      The number and type of the Police Department personnel to be assigned may vary as dictated by the nature of the particular event, or as judged necessary by the Police Department and those responsible for the event. If the Police Department is not notified at least five (5) business days prior to the event, or an impasse is reached on the appropriate special event staffing requirements, the decision of the Police Department regarding its deployment will prevail.

      All Police Department expenses related to the event will be charged to those responsible for the event. Recharge rates for FY01/02:

      Sergeant $74.50/hr.
      Police Officer $61.00/hr.
      Community Service Officer $32.00/hr.


    5. Extra Security Patrols, for any "high-risk" areas, or other areas with needs beyond "Night Watch" or routine police patrol, for either short or long term needs. To assure the greatest cost-benefit, CSO's are used for all assignments not requiring the presence of a sworn police officer. Daily written "status" reports can also be provided as part of this service.

      A special contract rate for Community Services Officers (CSO) has been established. To qualify for this rate a department must contract for CSO services for a specific function on an ongoing basis over an extended period of time. For FY01/02 the rate is $13.25 per hour. Customers who contract for at least 40 hours per month for nine months or more are given this rate.


    7. Fingerprinting/Background Checks are no longer services provided by the UCR Police Department.  Please contact Human Resources for information and instructions.


    9. Other Services

      Security Inspections made on request.
      Campus Lost and Found (see pol. 750-36).
      Traffic Control.