UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 850-40

Police Authority, Jurisdiction, and Program Definition

Policy Owner: Police

Effective Date: 10/10/01, updated 2/4/09


    "The Regents of the University of California are authorized and empowered to appoint one or more persons to be members of the University of California Police Department as such police departments is constituted on September 19, 1947, or may thereafter be constituted. Persons employed and compensated as members of said police department, when so appointed and duly sworn, are peace officers; provided, that such officers shall not exercise their powers or authority except (a) upon the campuses of the University of California and an area within one mile of the exterior boundaries of each thereof, (b) in or about other grounds or properties owned, operated, controlled, or administered by The Regents of the University of California, and (c) as provided in Section 830.2 of the Penal Code."


      "(b)A member of the University of California Police Department appointed pursuant to Section 92600 of the Education Code is a peace officer whose authority extends to any place in the state; provided that the primary duty of any such peace officer shall be the enforcement of the law within the area specified in Section 92600 of the Education Code..."


      Jurisdiction is shared with local law enforcement agencies. The county sheriff's department has concurrent jurisdiction on all campuses and upon all properties owned or controlled by the University located within the county. If the campus or property is located within a municipality, the city police department has concurrent jurisdiction.

    1. California Penal Code. Section 830.2
    2. Concurrent Jurisdiction


    The Regents of the University of California are authorized and empowered by the California Education Code Section 92600 to appoint peace officers.

    The Standing Orders Of The Regents, 100.4 and 100.6, provide for the delegation of authority for governance of the University of the President and for the governance of a campus to each Chancellor.

    Each Chancellor is responsible for the operations and activities of the University police at his/her campus, and for issuing implementing regulations in conformance with Systemwide Police Regulations which shall be adhered to by all police personnel subject to authority.

    The Police unit on each campus is placed under the line authority of the Chief Campus Officer, through the Office of the Vice Chancellor - Administration.


    A police department is a campus organizational unit responsible to a Chief of Police with Police authority as provided under section 830.2(b) of the California Penal Code and section 92600 of the Educational Code.



    University of California Police provide services on the campuses and on those properties owned, controlled or occupied by the University of California. Regular activities include preventive patrols on foot and by vehicle; answering calls related to crimes, collisions, injuries, illness, fires and complaints; protection of property; conducting investigations; making arrests and related court appearances; custody and disposal of lost and found property; and generally providing for the peace, safety and security of persons and facilities on University property. The University Police are also responsible for the control of disturbances and for the maintenance of security and crowd control at public ceremonies and similar events.