UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 800-85

Summonses and Complaints

Policy Owner: Insurance & Business Agreements

Effective Date: 12/1/88

  2. No one on the campus is authorized to accept services of a Summons and Complaint on behalf of The Regents. Anyone attempting to serve The Regents should be instructed to mail the Papers to General Counsels' Office, 590 University Hall, 2199 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94720, Attention: Mr. John Lundberg. Should a Summons and Com-plaint against The Regents be mailed to you, forward it without delay to the Campus Insurance Coordinator. If a process server has any questions, he/she should be directed to the Campus Insurance Coordinator.

  4. Should an individual employee be named as a defendant in a lawsuit, he/she may accept service of Summons on his/her own behalf, but he/she should make it clear that he/she cannot accept such service on behalf of The Regents. If the service is in connection with a suit against the individual by reason of his/her employment with the University, the employee should immediately notify the Campus Insurance Coordinator to ensure that his/her interests are fully protected.

    A private Lawsuit Summons and Complaint may be, by law, served at the employee's place of work (department).

    • California Civil Procedure - Section 416.50; Service of Summonses on a Public Entity
    • Bylaws and Standing Orders of the Regents - Bylaw 21.2; Duties and Responsibilities of General Counsel
    • Letter from Robert Dressler, Claim Manager, Office of Risk Management and Safety, Office of the President 12/27/84 Handling of Summonses and Complaints
    • Letter from Thomas J. Cunningham, General Counsels' Office 7/10/70 Services of Summons and Complaint
    • Business and Finance Bulletin 4/15/88 Professional Medical and Hospital Liability Self-Insurance Program Section VI C(2) - Responsibilities of Chancellors and Hospital
    • Directors or designee (Hospital/Campus Risk Management Coordinator)