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To Be Rescinded

Campus Policy Number 750-90

Storehouse Stock Items
Policy Owner: Storehouse
Effective Date: 9/15/94

"Stock items" are materials and supplies which are commonly used by the campus and provided through the campus Storehouse. The Storehouse provides a catalog that lists all stock items and their respective stock numbers. The unique stock number assigned to each item identifies the item for ordering, billing and inventory control purposes. A stock number and item description must be included on all storehouse requisitions for each item ordered.

The Storehouse catalog, available at no cost, is divided in the general categories presented below:

  • Batteries (Dry Cell) Forms Painting
  • Chemicals Gases Photographic
  • Data Processing Hardware Plumbing
  • Janitorial Miscellaneous Stationery
  • Electrical Laboratory Enzymes
  • First Aid Supplies

All items shown in the catalog should be purchased from the Storehouse when needed; however, the stock listed is subject to change. Availability of an item, at the time a department submits an order, is dependent upon its rate of use on campus and the ability of vendors to provide the item.

As items are added to and deleted from stock, replacement catalog pages are printed and sent to catalog holders. Departments should notify the Storehouse of changes in personnel so that the list of catalog holders is accurate, and they can be certain of receiving all catalog revisions.

Although a reference price list may be requested at any time, customers using the on-line requisition program can view prices before ordering. The prices shown in the reference price list are to be used for estimating the cost of materials; they are not firm prices and are subject to change. Current prices, when required prior to ordering, may be obtained by calling the Storehouse (ext. 5542)or, as noted above, by using the on-line requisition program. Prices charged on a given order will be indicated on the billing as well as on the packing slip.

Departments are encouraged to recommend items for addition to the Storehouse inventory, and the Storehouse should always be informed of any product deficiencies.