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Campus Policy Number 750-87

Storehouse Ordering Procedures
Policy Owner: Storehouse Effective Date: 10/15/93

  2. Departments are encouraged to order goods using the Storehouse on-line requisition program. This program is available to any department which can communicate with the IBM mainframe in Institutional Computing. Contact the Storehouse at ext. 5542 for additional information.

    The University Storehouse Order Form (Stock No. 71471-119) may also be used to order materials from the Storehouse. It may be sent through campus mail, Faxed to the Storehouse at 787-3696 or carried to the Issue Counter for immediate pickup of items.

    The department must fill in their name; indicate an individual to contact (and phone number) in the event there is a question or discrepancy; and specify a recording number to be charged. The "sub" and " object code" fields should be completed only if it is necessary to override the numbers assigned in the recharge system. Any object code used to override must begin with "80" for supplies and "90" for equipment.

    Although sizes, colors, capacities, etc., are important and should be indicated in the description field for each item ordered, the order will be filled based on the stock number. It is, therefore, imperative that the correct stock number be entered on the order. Only one item description may be entered on each line. Also, quantities must be shown in multiples of the unit specified in the catalog for a particular item. Supplies, compressed gases, enzymes and equipment items should all be requested on separate orders.

  4. Storehouse orders may only be approved by individuals authorized to expend the particular funds utilized to purchase the items. This signature authority must be officially delegated from the Department Chair. It is the department's responsibility to ensure that Storehouse orders are being placed only by authorized personnel.

  6. Telephone orders are accepted only in cases involving urgent and unusual circumstances. Materials may be picked up from the Storehouse, however, at any time during the normal work week: 8:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

  8. Items requested on the order but not issued, will be shown as "back-ordered" on the packing slip that accompanies each Storehouse delivery. This occurs when unusual conditions or requests cause a temporary shortage of stock. Do not reorder the item, unless additional quantities are desired. Back-orders are delivered immediately when shipment is received from suppliers.

    Back-ordered materials are not billed until delivery is made. Only items issued generate a charge against department accounts.

  10. The Storehouse requisition number, shown on the packing slip/delivery receipt, should be referenced in all communications with the Storehouse concerning adjustments, exchanges or returns, breakage, or any other discrepancies in ordering or shipping. Stock items may be returned for credit as long as the material is currently stocked and items are returned in salable condition.

    Materials returned thirty or more days after delivery may be subject to reduced credit, depending on the condition of the merchandise and the actual amount of time it has been held by the department. Equipment and non-stock (buy-out) items may be subject to a restocking fee.

    The Department must call the Storehouse within twenty-four hours of receipt to report breakage, shortage or errors. Returns may be arranged by providing the Storehouse with a stock number, description, requisition number on which the item was purchased, account number to be credited, reason for return, location of the material, and the name and number of the individual to contact regarding the return.

    The Storehouse computer program does not permit the exchange of an item which was ordered for an item which has a different stock number, for instance, a size 9 widget for a size 10 widget. If a size 9 was ordered, it must be returned for credit and the size 10 would have to be issued on a new order. This procedure is necessary even though the price may be the same for both sizes. An exchange can occur only when the item issued does not match the stock number shown on the order.

  12. Recharges are made automatically by electronic data processing once a week. A billing is issued to each account incurring charges during the billing period. It shows all items issued (by requisition number) along with their stock numbers and prices.

    Packing slips should be compared with these billings for accuracy. If an item appears on a billing and is not reflected on any packing slips, contact the Storehouse immediately.

  14. All orders to be delivered are given to the Receiving Division. Since the Receiving Division has established delivery schedules to maintain, they are unable to make special deliveries. Items which are urgently needed should be picked up at the Storehouse Issue Counter, located on the west side of the Storehouse building.

    Materials having different delivery points must be ordered separately.

    It is the department's responsibility to check the number of packages delivered against the quantity shown on the packing slip. Receiving personnel will request that the delivery receipt be signed at the time of delivery, and the signature acknowledges receipt of the number of packages indicated. The individual making the deliveries is not authorized to wait while items in the packages are checked. Therefore, if a discrepancy or breakage is discovered, please contact the Storehouse. Adjustments, exchanges or returns are discussed in "E" above.