UCR Policies and Procedures

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 To Be Rescinded

Campus Policy Number: 750-81

State Surplus

Policy Owner: Storehouse

Effective Date: 1/1/84

Authorization to purchase materiel from the State Educational Agency for Surplus Property (SEASP) must be obtained from the Storehouse Manager.   Materials picked up by a department will be identified on an "issue sheet" sent to the Storehouse by the Surplus Agency.  Storehouse will reimburse SEASP and bill the appropriate department's account. To determine the proper account for departmental billing, the Storehouse will forward a copy of the issue sheet to the department, so that the department can enter an account number for each item.  After completing the list, the department must return the sheet to the Storehouse.

To assist the Storehouse in processing charges from SEASP, the department name should be included in the address section of the issue sheet, at the time the material is picked up from the SEASP warehouse.

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