UCR Policies and Procedures

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To Be Rescinded

Campus Policy Number: 750-75

Receiving - Incoming Shipments
Policy Owner: Receiving
Effective Date: 9/15/94

  2. The shipping address for this campus is:


    University of California



    Receiving Division



    Individual or Department Name (if needed for identification)



    3401 Watkins Drive



    Riverside, California 92521


    Library materials shipped by mail should be sent directly to the department. Cross out the address shown on the sub-purchase order form and insert the department address.

    Any materials furnished at no cost to the University and shipped by mail should be addressed to the department or an individual.

  4. All departments should have one central receiving point (or one in each separate building occupied by the department) to accept all incoming materials. Departments are strongly advised to establish recordkeeping procedures which will provide information concerning the current status of orders, including dates of receipt. This will prevent delays in obtaining required information, since requests for such information are time consuming and must be prioritized by the Receiving Division staff.

    All shipments containing radioactive materials must be delivered to the Health and Safety Office.

    In many instances, sub-purchase orders or miscellaneous materials delivered to the campus by UPS, overnight couriers or similar courier type services and some local vendors, will deliver directly to the ordering department. Receiving's function will only be to direct the carrier to the proper delivery point, if requested.

    Receiving does not handle personal shipments. (Personal shipments are defined as shipments containing items purchased or owned by an individual which are not used for official University business.) Information concerning handling such shipments will be furnished upon request.

    All shipments containing controlled substances and/or precursors will only be delivered to the person officially authorized to receive such substances. The shipment will be retained in the Receiving Division until an authorized individual is present in the department to receive the package(s).

    Arrangements may be made, through the Receiving Division, for delivery of items which require special handling equipment or manpower. The service(s) performed will be billed back to the user department.

    Receiving Division personnel will not uncrate or set up equipment or furniture: this function must be performed by the department receiving the shipment or a representative of the vendor.

  6. Departments receiving a shipment must sign a receipt for all packages. This receipt only verifies the number of packages delivered, therefore, it is very important that department personnel inspect the contents and review the packing slip to ensure that all contents are appropriate, complete and undamaged. The department must count and inspect all materials within five (5) working days from the date received. (NOTE: Receiving personnel are on a delivery schedule and will not be able to wait for the department to inspect the shipment at the time of delivery.) Packing slips must be retained by the department, and invoices accompanying a shipment are to be forwarded to Accounting.

  8. All discrepancies, damages and required adjustments, on shipments initiated by a purchase order, must be reported within five (5) working days. Damage must be reported to Receiving. Discrepancies and adjustments must be reported to Purchasing. The University cannot withhold payment of an invoice, and there is no legal recourse against either the carrier or vendor, if the responsible party is not immediately notified of discrepancies or damage.

    If a shipment is damaged, the damaged item and all wrappings, cartons and packing materials must be retained for inspection. If not retained, the independent investigator performing the inspection may not be able to assign liability to the freight company or vendor. In this case, the requisitioning department will have to replace the item with no opportunity for reimbursement.

    All adjustments, discrepancies or damage involving materials ordered from the Storehouse should be reported directly to the Storehouse.

    All discrepancies involving material requested on sub-purchase orders must be reported directly to the vendor, with the exception of freight damage. All freight damage must be reported to the delivery carrier within five (5) working days from the date the shipment is delivered to the department. All wrappings, cartons, packing materials and damaged items must be retained by the department, for inspection. If sub-purchase orders are delivered by the Receiving Division, report damage to Receiving within five (5) working days from receipt in department.