UCR Policies and Procedures

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To Be Rescinded


Policy Number:          750-45

Policy Title:                Document Shredding

Policy Owner:            Logistics Services
Effective Date:          
Revision Date (A):     04/30/2015


Document Shredding  

1.       A document shredding service is provided by Logistics Services to serve the campus.

2.       Procedures for document shredding are as follows:

  • The requesting department must submit a Web Recharge for Shredding Services located at matmgmt.ucr.edu/storehouse/shredding.html. Include on the request the number of boxes of documents to be shredded and the pickup location.
  • The requesting department must write the recharge number assigned on each box to be shredded.
  • All documents will be picked up and brought to a secure, locked area within the campus storehouse until shredding can be completed.
  • The requesting department must contact Building Services for orders exceeding fifteen (15) boxes for pickup.
  • Recharge costs to the requesting department will reflect the actual number of boxes shredded.
  • The requesting department may use any box provided it can be handled by one person. The "per box" rate is based on the size of a photocopy paper box (18" x 11 1/2" x 9 1/2"). Smaller/larger boxes will be billed comparatively. All boxes must have a tightly fitted lid.
  • The requesting department must tape shut boxes of documents to minimize "blowing away" during transport.

The current recharge rate is $6.00 per box.