UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Number:  750-36

Policy Title:        Lost and Found Property

Policy Owner:   UCPD/Auxiliary Services

Effective Date:  08/01/2000

Revision Date:  11/03/2017


1.     Turn in of Lost and Found property:  All articles (including cash) left in campus classrooms, buildings or on the grounds should be brought to the Police Department in the Administration Annex within 24 hours.   Lost and found property may be turned into the Police Department at any time of the day. 
2.     When articles are received, they are logged in by date and assigned a number. The number is affixed to each article.
3.     Lost and found property is kept for three months. After three months, the property is turned over to the Equipment Management Office. All articles except glasses, keys and clothing unfit for resale are sold.
4.     Claiming Lost and Found property at the Police Department:  Property may be claimed 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Phone inquiries may be made at (951) 827-7285.  On weekends and after 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday,  telephone inquiries should be made to (951) 827-5222.
5.     The Police Department also maintains a Lost Property file.  When an article is reported lost, information about the article is recorded on a card for filing. If the article is later turned in, Police Department personnel will notify the owner.
1.     Unclaimed cash and negotiable property may be returned to the finder after the expiration of the three month period unless the property has been found by a University employee in the course of his/her employment.
2.     Cash and/or negotiable property that has been found on University premises during the course of one's employment must be turned in to the Police Department as outlined above. If the cash and/or negotiable property is not claimed within the three month period, it becomes the property of The Regents. This applies to faculty, staff and student employees with the following exceptions:
Unclaimed cash/or negotiable property found on University premises by a University employee outside the individual's normal working hours may, upon demand, be returned to the finder after the three month waiting period. Any unusual or extenuating circumstances regarding the disposition of cash and/or negotiable property will be resolved by the Chief of Police.
Unclaimed cash and/or negotiable property found by persons who are not University employees (e.g., students, visitors, etc) will upon demand, be returned to the finder after the three month waiting period.
Lost student I.D. cards should be sent directly to the Cashier's Office. If the I.D. card is in a wallet, purse, etc., it should be left with the other articles and sent to the Police Department.
1.     The Equipment Management Office is charged with the responsibility of disposing of all unclaimed lost and found articles received from the Campus Police.
2.     Procedures
All lost and found articles are turned in to the Campus Police, assigned a control number and recorded on the Lost and Found Register. The articles are retained by the Campus Police for three (3) months for possible return to the original owner, upon proof of ownership. After three months, the Campus Police will advise Equipment Management that the unclaimed articles are ready for pickup.
After pickup, Equipment Management will review the Police Control Register and ensure each item is properly identified and that control numbers are properly affixed to each item prior to acknowledging receipt of the same. The Police Department will provide a copy of the Police Control Register to the Equipment Manager for continued control using the original control number assigned, until items are sold or disposal action is completed.
Lost and found articles will be stored in a secure area within the Equipment Management warehouse until sold or claimed by the original owner. The Control Register will be utilized to answer inquiries from individuals; individuals claiming items must provide positive identification and proof of ownership before items are released.
Items not sold will be disposed of at the discretion of the Equipment Manager (e.g., clothing will be given to Goodwill etc.)
A copy of the Control Register will be retained in the file for future reference as to final disposition of lost and found items.
1.   Delegation of Authority 0415 "UC Policy on Found and Unclaimed Property", July 2, 1973.
2.   Civil Code Section 2080.8