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Policy Title:       Government Contract and Grant Equipment - Management of

Policy Number:    750-24

Responsible Officer:

Equipment Manager and Logistics Manager

Responsible Office:

Equipment Management and Logistics Services

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


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Applies to Property Titled to Government (or other external entities) for which University is in Custodial Control


     I.        Policy Summary

This policy establishes the methodology used by the University of California, Riverside, for prudent management and control of Government Inventorial Equipment and Other Government Property which is in the university’s custodial control.


    II.        Definitions

All capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning as defined within University of California (UC) Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-29: Management and Control of University Equipment (BUS-29).


  III.        Policy Text

   A.   Equipment Acquisition Time Restriction

All purchase requisitions for Government Inventorial Equipment and Other Government Property must be initiated no later than 120 days prior to the end date of the sponsoring award. Exceptions to this time frame must be justified by the Principal Investigator and submitted along with the requisition.


B.   Identification of Government Equipment

The Equipment Management Office records Government furnished property upon notification from the Office of Research and property receipt. Government Inventorial Equipment and Other Government Property acquired by the university with governmental funds are recorded by the Equipment Management Office upon the property’s payment and delivery. All Government Inventorial Equipment and Other Government Property will be issued a decal tag by the Equipment Management Office. This tag will be marked with the asset's assigned property number and sent to the Department Custodian within the custodial department. Depending on the terms and conditions within the related sponsor award a secondary decal tag with the sponsor’s identification numbers may also be required to be affixed to the involved property. It is the department's responsibility to appropriately affix all decal tags received from Equipment Management to the property.


C.   Utilization of Equipment

The utilization of property acquired for use under a specific contract is typically restricted to the purposes of that contract. Departments are to maintain records of the authorized and current use of equipment; periodically review equipment needs and equipment utilization to identify excess items; and report surplus equipment to the Logistic Services Office. When it is desirable to continue using the equipment on another contract, written approval is required from the contracting officer. Requests for such approvals are made through the Equipment Management Office.

D.   Storage and Movement

When equipment is temporarily not utilized, but required for authorized use in the future, it must be adequately stored to protect it from theft, corrosion, contamination, and damage to sensitive parts. Government Inventorial Equipment may be moved to off-campus storage sites only with the approval of the appropriate Contract or Grant Property Administrator.


E.   Care and Maintenance

The custodial department is responsible for providing the care necessary to maintain the equipment in the condition received or better (normal wear accepted). The maintenance program must be preventive in nature, providing lubrication, cleaning, calibration, and inspection on a regular schedule; records must be kept of these actions.


F.    Loss, Damage, or Destruction

All cases of loss, damage or destruction to government property must be thoroughly documented and immediately reported to the government property administrator through the Equipment Management Office. The extent of the University's liability is subject to a written determination by the contracting officer.


G.   Inventory of Equipment

Annually all Government Inventorial Equipment will be inventoried and verified during the annual campus inventory process. During this process all records must have their usage and condition code field updated, if required. Every two years a physical inventory verification is required, the requirement to physically locate the assets is a separate and distinct requirement from the annual verification requirements.


H.   Loans

Government property must not be loaned without the specific written consent of the government contracting officer or property administrator. The department must prepare a request to Equipment Management who will forward it to the agency for approval.


I.     Transfers Of Government Owned Material/Active Contract:

These transfers are not authorized unless approval is obtained from the sponsoring government agency through the Office of Research.


J.    Transfers of University owned Materials Acquired with Federal Sponsor Funds:

This paragraph applies only to Federally funded material where title has been vested in the University. Material acquired with State general funds is excluded.

1.   In order to transfer material acquired with federal contract and grant funds to another institution, in conjunction with a move by a faculty member to that institution, the following conditions must be met:

a.   The material must be available for transfer: its title must be vested in the University, and terms of the grant or contract from which it was funded does not prohibit such transfer to another institution.

b.    A written request to transfer must be made by the departing faculty member and must include the following: (1) A specific list of the material including (at a minimum) property numbers, descriptions, original unit costs, and original funding sources/agencies. (2) The reason for the transfer. (3) Name of the institution to which title will be transferred. (4) Justification for transferring rather than leaving or selling the material.

c.    The request must be approved by each of the following: (1) Department Head, (2) Dean, (3) Office of Research Affairs, (4) Logistics Manager (verifies that title vests in the University and that there are no restrictions to transfer).

d.    Transfers of material with a total historical cost in excess of $100,000 must be approved by the Vice Chancellor of Administration, the Senior Vice President--Administration, the Vice President--Agriculture and Natural Resources or a comparable Laboratory Administrator in their respective areas of responsibility. Requests for material transfer must not be divided to avoid this requirement.

e.  The recipient institution must agree, in writing, to accept title, with the understanding that the material is for the initial use of the new faculty member. This agreement may be obtained via a standard acceptance form signed by an appropriate office of the recipient institution.

2.    The Logistics Manager (or equivalent) must verify that all required approvals have been obtained before approving the release of the material from custody.

3.    Unless specific provisions are made in the terms of a contract or grant, transfers of material to individuals or for-profit organizations are prohibited.


K.   Termination of Contracts or Grants

Upon completion of a contract or grant, the department will conduct a physical inventory of all property assigned to the contract or grant. This inventory will confirm the condition of the equipment and assist in determining the appropriate disposition actions for the property. The Principal Investigator must justify equipment from the terminated contract or grant that he/she wishes to retain for either for immediate use on another project or authorized future projects retain the equipment. If required the Office of Equipment Management will coordinate the submission of a final inventory to the contracting agency requesting title be transferred to the University or will requests disposition instructions for equipment.


L.    Release from Responsibility

The University is relieved of responsibility for agency property, with concurrence of the Agency Contracting Officer by the following:

1.    Consumption of property in performance of the contract.

2.    Retention by the University for consideration given the agency.

3.     Sale of property, if the proceeds of the sale are received by or credited to the agency.

4.    Shipment from University premises of that of a subcontractor.

5.    Transfer of title to the University.

6.    Abandonment in place by the agency.

7.    Loss, damage or destruction.


  IV.        Responsibilties

Please refer to BUS-29 for details pertaining to the responsibilities assigned to the Chancellor, Equipment Administrator, Surplus Administrator, Head of the Custodial Departments, and Principle Investigators.


   V.        Procedures

Please refer to the online Asset Management System User Guide for information relating to department procedures for asset dispositions and transfers.


  VI.        Contacts






General Policy

Equipment Manager


Surplus (Excess Property)

Logistics Manager



VII.     Related Information

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G.   University Websites

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3.    AMS User Guide: http://bfs.ucr.edu/equipment/amsguide_home.html


  VIII.        Revision History

The policy was originally approved in September 2004. The policy was updated in July 2017. The policy was reviewed in August 2021 to update hyperlinks and formatting.