UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Number:     700-60

Policy Title:          Alcohol for Events

Policy Owner:      Vice Chancellor - Business and Administrative Services

Effective Date:     05/11/2011

Origination:         10/01/1998

The fundamental goal of this alcohol policy is to encourage the development of an environment conducive to the intellectual and personal development of all University community members, while increasing awareness about alcohol issues.
The University provides a broad learning experience for encouraging the personal and intellectual growth of students, faculty and staff. It is in keeping with the role of the University and an aspect of its educational mission to promote responsible behavior which recognizes the rights of both individuals and the community. Thus, the University has an obligation to assist the entire UCR community to become better informed about alcohol use and its abuse. Administrative units have special obligations to protect and foster the health and safety of members of the campus community, to encourage healthy lifestyles and to prevent and discourage abuse of alcohol and underage drinking. For purposes of this policy, administrative units are defined to include academic departments.
Alcohol consumption and the adverse consequences thereof represent one of the most serious problems on University campuses today. Alcohol problems have effects throughout the spectrum of academic and personal campus life. Those who consume alcohol should have an understanding and those who serve alcoholic beverages at functions must be provided with an adequate understanding of alcohol and the issues that surround its use. This policy places its primary emphasis on behavior, recognizing the rights and responsibilities of individuals to make their own informed decisions regarding consumption.
This policy governs consumption of alcoholic beverages for events on the University premises and off premises when under the administration of the University of California, Riverside. In every instance where alcohol consumption is permitted, the individuals and organizations involved are responsible for compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, this policy, and other applicable University regulations.
The Alcohol Policy for Events of the University of California, Riverside is intended to serve the entire University community while taking into account the variety of roles occupied by members of the community. The policy is intended to provide clear, consistent and constructive guidelines for the application of standards and expectations for the consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages during events.
State funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. (Reference, Business and Finance Bulletin 79, http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/policies/bfb/bus79.pdf)
For the rules and policies for control and use of alcohol in private student residences, refer to the Division of Student Affairs. 
1.      No person may sell, furnish, give or cause to be sold, furnished, or given away, any alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21, and no person under the age of 21 may purchase alcoholic beverages. (California Business and Professions Code, Sec. 25658)
2.      It is unlawful for a person under the age of 21 to possess alcoholic beverages on any street or highway or in any public place or in any place open to public view. (California Business and Professions Code, Sec. 25662)
3.      It is a misdemeanor to sell alcoholic beverages any place in the state of California without a proper license issued by the California State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. (California Business and Professions Code, Sec. 23300)
4.      It is a misdemeanor to sell, furnish, or give away an alcoholic beverage to any obviously intoxicated person. (California Business and Professions Code, Sec. 25602)
5.      It is unlawful to issue a license to fraternities, sororities, or other undergraduate organizations to sell alcoholic beverages. (California Penal Code, Sec 172e)
6.      Any person found in a public place to be under the influence of an intoxicating liquor, drug, or controlled substance and unable to care for his/her own safety or who interferes with the use of a public way is guilty of disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor. (California Penal Code, Sec. 647f)
This policy is applicable to all University properties and events and applies to Public Events and Closed Events held on and off premises.
A.  A. General Conditions
  1. Alcoholic beverages may be served, sold and consumed at approved public events only if the sponsor has obtained an approved Alcohol Permit Request Form (see http://fbo.ucr.edu/docs/AlcoholPermitRequestForm.doc).  Groups are encouraged to use facilities licensed to serve alcohol.
  2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages with a permit shall occur only in the approved enclosed or inside area specified on the Permit. Any exterior service areas must be clearly defined in the application for the permit.  
  3. Monitoring and serving of alcohol shall be under the direct supervision of the event sponsor, using approved occasional servers, or approved insured caterers, vendors or Dining Services. A list of approved caterers is available from Purchasing.
  4. All campus organizations which sponsor events where alcohol is served, whether on or off-campus, are encouraged to implement an alcohol awareness program that encourages responsible decisions about the use and non-use of alcohol.
B. Selling Alcohol
  1. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except pursuant to a valid license or permit issued by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
  2. Exchanging any consideration for alcoholic beverage service constitutes a sale. "Consideration" includes money, tickets, tokens, or chits that have been issued in exchange for money or anything else of value. The imposition of a uniform per person admission charge for the event, however, does not constitute a sale, provided the admission ticket or other evidence of payment is not exchangeable for alcoholic beverages.
  3. All food service providers operating on the campus, and serving alcohol, shall be informed of the campus alcohol policy and available alcohol education and awareness programs, and expected to support implementation of applicable parts of this policy in their establishments.
  4. All food service providers licensed to sell alcohol in a University facility shall be required to have a system of server training.
  5. The price of alcohol sold on campus shall not be at a level to encourage excessive consumption.
  6. Individuals, employees and groups acting in the name of the Regents of the University of California are prohibited from engaging in the application to obtain a permit to sell alcohol per Delegation of Authority 0554, January 1977. (Reference UCR Delegation of Authority database: http://www.fboapps.ucr.edu/delegations/index.php)  
C. Staffing/Controlling Event
  1. Event Sponsors are responsible for establishing adequate controls to ensure that all persons being served alcoholic beverages are at least 21 years of age.
    1. Unless age being age 21 or over is an obvious fact, in order for alcohol to be served to an individual, a valid picture I.D. (State I.D., Drivers License, etc.) must be presented to the appropriate person. A second I.D. must be required if the primary I.D. is deemed unacceptable.
  2. In order to identify persons that are not of age to drink, a secure system shall be used at large events where under-aged persons may be present and alcohol is served, such as, but not limited to:
    1. specialized cups given only to persons of legal drinking age,
    2. colored wrist bands given only to persons of legal drinking age, as designated by University officials
    3. placement of physical barriers, such as fencing for beer gardens, to separate those persons who are at least 21 years of age from those who are under-aged.
  3. Persons who, in the judgment of the server and/or event manager, are intoxicated shall not be served. (California Business and Professions Code, Sec. 25602)
  4. Alcoholic beverages not being served directly by official event personnel at the event are prohibited. Individuals are prohibited from bringing their own alcoholic beverages to any function. Exceptions for donations from University support groups may be granted by the respective Vice Chancellors or their designees on a case-by-case basis.
  5. All non-professional or occasional servers of alcohol must be trained in the laws of California and the provisions of this policy and its minimum server training requirements. An approved occasional server is a server who has successfully completed eTIPs on Premise Session or an equivalent training. 
    1. Approved Professional Caterers, Bartenders, Serving Organizations and UCR Dining Services are exempt from this training requirement
    2. Approved occasional servers are not required for closed events.

D. Sponsorship of Events

1.       University Official Sponsors
a.       Functions where alcoholic beverages are being served must be sponsored by an official campus academic, research, or administrative unit. Affiliated organizations (registered student organizations, staff associations, etc.) and non-affiliated organizations (commercial and non-profit organizations) must obtain the approval or sponsorship from the appropriate official campus academic, research or administrative unit to serve alcoholic beverages.
b.       All sponsors must comply with University policies and procedures, and State law concerning all aspects of the event.
c.        Donated alcohol may not be sold unless all other regulations pertaining to the sale of alcohol are complied with.
d.       University or Event Sponsors must be clearly identified as the primary sponsor of the event. Manufacturers and/or distributors of alcoholic beverages may not be primary sponsors of campus events. Any recognition of the manufacturer and/or distributor shall be secondary to the University or Event sponsor and this distinction must be tastefully maintained in any advertising, displays or announcements in connection with the event. The name, logo, or other identifiable characteristic of the manufacturer and/or distributor of alcoholic beverages cannot be at all or in part included in the identification of the name of the event. The University's seal and/or logo shall not be used on any material containing reference to an alcohol manufacturer/distributor.
e.       Sponsorship by manufacturers and/or distributors of alcoholic beverages must be in the form of money, goods or services specified by the University sponsor. Sponsorship may not include donations of clothing or attire or other articles identifying the manufacturer and/or distributor by such features as name and logo.
f.         The University Sponsor that is sponsoring events which are cosponsored by manufacturers and/or distributors of alcoholic beverages must make a demonstrable attempt to secure non-alcohol related sponsorships as well.
g.       The University's in-house printing facilities shall not be used to print materials that are substantially or primarily advertising for the manufacturer and/or distributor of alcoholic beverages, and therefore inconsistent with the mission of the University.
2.       Non-UC Affiliated Sponsors
a.       Non-UC sponsors are defined as sponsors not listed in Section D. 1. (a.) and are normally those non-UC individuals or groups having private events on campus which are not normally open to the University at large or the general public such as wedding receptions, business meetings, private parties etc.
b.       Non-UC sponsors having private events where alcohol is to be served must meet the approval of Dining Services or the venue where the event is to be held. They must be scheduled through the venue or the Campus Event Scheduling System, and have Risk Management approval and meet the campus insurance and indemnification guidelines. Campus Police/security guidelines must also be adhered to.
c.        The sponsor’s representative and other officers/representatives of the sponsor’s organization or group and the party holding the liquor license and/or serving alcoholic beverages are responsible for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and University policies. The sponsors’ representative must be 21 years of age or older. No person under 21 years of age and no obviously intoxicated person shall be furnished, served or given an alcoholic beverage.
E. Public Events
1. Public events are defined as any event held on campus or any UC sanctioned event held off campus where one or more of the following conditions exist:

a. The event is open to members of the general public

b. The event is open to members the campus wide community

c. Any event sponsored by student organizations and associations, fraternities or sororities.

d. Events held in general assignment spaces or public spaces such as the HUB, Alumni Center and Barn, etc.

e. Any event [public or closed] where alcohol is offered for sale

2. Event Sponsors of public events at which alcohol can legally be served must submit an Alcohol Permit Request Form for approval to the Director of Risk Management at least 20 business days prior to the date of the event.

3. Event Sponsors must take steps to ensure that the consumption of alcohol is not the focus of the event.

4. Event Sponsors must describe how the organization will effectively control the consumption of alcohol by persons who are at least 21 years of age and how the organization will prevent the consumption of alcohol by under-aged persons.

a. Denying service to individuals who appear to be intoxicated or who appear to be turning over alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age.
b. Stopping the service of alcohol prior to the ending time of a scheduled event (e.g. - at least one hour before the end of an event scheduled for three or more hours).

5. Security at all events must be coordinated through the Non-Academic Scheduling Office and the University of California Police Department.  

6. Private security companies selected by University Managers to provide security for the event must conform to the standards and requirements established by the University Risk Management Office and the University Police.

F. Closed Events
  1. Closed events are defined as any event held on campus or any UC sanctioned event held off campus:

    1.  Attendance is limited to the members of the academic, research, or administrative unit and their individually invited guests. [Closed events can not be open to attendance by the at large general public or campus wide community.] 

    2. Closed events can not be publicly advertised.

    3. Closed events can not be held in general assignment spaces or public spaces such as the HUB, Alumni Center and Barn, etc.

  2. An Alcohol Permit Request Form is not required to be submitted for approval to the Director of Risk Management; submit direct to your Department.

    1. Approval must be obtained from the Department Chair, Dean or Director.

    2. Approved occasional servers are not required for closed events.

    3. A copy of the completed approved permit form must be forwarded to Risk Management.

  3. Event Sponsors must take steps to ensure that the consumption of alcohol is not the focus of the event.

  4. Event Sponsors will effectively control the consumption of alcohol by persons under 21 years of age, and deny service to individuals who appear to be intoxicated or who appear to be turning over alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age.

F. Advertising
  1. Availability of alcohol at events shall not be emphasized in advertising.

    1. Advertising shall not contain statements or references such as Unlimited Spirits, Open Bar, All You Can Drink, Free Cocktails etc.

  2. Advertisements for events where alcohol will be served or sold where an alcohol beverage manufacturer or distributor is an event sponsor may contain the name of the sponsor but prior approval will be required. The name of the alcohol manufacturer or distributor must be subordinate to the event message itself, no more than 25% of the total advertisement space. The alcohol manufacturer or distributor’s name or logo may not be connected directly to the event or program name.

A. Final Approval Authorities:
For Student Functions: Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or their designee
For Faculty Functions: Executive Vice Chancellor or their designee
For Staff Functions: Vice Chancellor of Administration or their designee 
For Closed Academic or Department Events: Department Chair, Dean or Director
For Non-UC Affiliated Sponsors: Venue and Risk Management
*If Alcohol will be sold, all appropriate signatures must be obtained and a copy of the license granted by the ABC must be on file with the scheduling office prior to the event, and final approval must be obtained from the Vice Chancellor of Administration.  
Alcohol Permit Request Form: http://fbo.ucr.edu/docs/AlcoholPermitRequestForm.doc
California Business and Professions Code: http://www.abc.ca.gov/cbnpc.html
California Penal Code: http://law.justia.com/california/codes/pen.html