UCR Policies and Procedures

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CampusPolicy Number: 700-55

Registered Campus Organizations

Policy Owner: Campus Activities
Effective Date: 6/1/83

The formation of registered campus organizations is encouraged to promote and provide for the special and varied interests of members of the campus community. Organizations must update their registration annually by October 15 in the Campus Activities Office.

  2. Organizations that are established must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have an active membership that is composed of at least 50% UCR students. Non-students may also belong, but the organization must exist primarily for the benefit of UCR students.
    2. Comply with the University regulations on fiscal accountability.
    3. Comply with the University regulations regarding the use of University property.
    4. File with the Campus Activities Office a registration card which contains the names of its officers or other authorized representatives, a statement of purpose and a constitution, if applicable.
    5. Give prior notice of the meeting. Clearance from the Campus Activities Office is required if an admission is charged, if there is a non-University speaker, or if there is a non-University audience.
    6. Pay their bills. Services will be denied to an organization or individual who owes the University for prior services.
  4. Registered student organizations may use University mail for distribution to more than one UCR department only if the information is related to their official "Statement of Purpose" and the document clearly reflects co-sponsorship of a department. They may use University duplicating services for items related to their official "Statement of Purpose" and which do not defame an individual or groups or do not represent a clear and present danger to the orderly operation of the campus. Any prohibition of use of duplicating on these grounds will initially be decided by the Campus Activities Office but may be appealed to the Campus Board of Review.

  6. A registered organization may not imply that it is sponsored by the University, and therefore shall not use the name of the University of California, or abbreviation thereof as a part of its own name other than as a location (e.g., Club of UCR).

  8. The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs may revoke the registration of campus organizations which do not comply with the requirements stated above. An appeal to the Assistant Vice Chancellor's decision may be made to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, who will refer it to the Campus Board of Review. The campus organization shall have the right to appear before the Board in a reasonable period of time. Final appeal from the decision of the Board is with the Chancellor.