UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Title:                   Temporary Signage and Banners
Policy Number:             700-52
Responsible Officer:
Vice Chancellor for Planning, Budget & Administration
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Responsible Office:
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning, Budget & Administration
Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Origination Date:
Date of Revision:
Date of Last Review:


I.         Policy Summary and Scope

The responsibility for implementation and management of UCR campus banner and temporary signage policies is shared among the Campus Signage Advisory Group, select Unit-Based Managers, and Schools/Colleges. Developed in collaboration with these key stakeholders, this policy is intended to provide clear, consistent, and constructive guidance in and procedures for the creation, location, display, and removal of temporary signage and banners on the main campus of the University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside).  This policy helps implement the Campus Sign Program

This policy applies to members of the UCR community (such as faculty, staff, and campus units and organizations) and members not affiliated with UCR (such as visitors, outside vendors, sponsors, and independent organizations) who are interested in posting a temporary sign or banner as defined in this policy. For students, please see the Student Affairs Posting and Distribution Policy, which is referred to in Section IV.E.1 and Section VI of this policy.

This policy does not cover (a) permanent signage, (b) any banners or temporary signage displayed at other University Controlled Properties beyond the main campus, (c) flyers or bulletin board and kiosk postings; or (d) signage within buildings or structures.   

This policy is not intended to infringe on free speech rights, nor interfere with related policies or practices. It does not supersede the UCR Principles Guiding Speech and Assembly. This policy is not intended to address the message content placed on temporary signage. 


II.     Definitions

Banner: a long strip of fabric or other material bearing a slogan or approved design that is displayed in an approved exterior location on the main UCR campus.

Temporary sign: non-banner temporary/portable signage, including A-Frame Signs, H-Frame Lawn Signs, Wind Stands, Wind Jams, Teardrop Pole Lawn Flags, etc. It may also refer to temporary decals, window clings, and posters. Visual examples and lists of approved display locations are available at the UCR Brand Site.


III.     Policy

A.   Purpose 

To preserve the physical appearance of the main campus and to help ensure compliance with official University brand guidelines, UC Riverside must balance temporary signage requests with the need to maintain the integrity, aesthetics, and safety of the overall campus environment. The purpose of this policy is to manage the posting of temporary signage in the open-air environment on the main campus of UC Riverside.

B.   Overview

The posting of any type of temporary signage on any surface or on the grounds of the campus, without the review and approval of the appropriate campus authority, is prohibited. In general, approved temporary signage may be posted only by registered campus organizations, student governments, and campus units.

Temporary signage posted in the open-air environment of the main campus announcing events, activities, services, or products by any entity that has not requested and received approval per the guidance provided in this document is subject to immediate removal. 

C.   Background

Members of the campus and surrounding community take great pride in the appearance of the main campus. UC Riverside recognizes that properly displayed signage is an opportunity to present a positive image of the University. Signage collectively forms a lasting impression of the campus environment, conveying a strong message from the administration about the vision and credibility of the University. The commitment to a unified signage standard is clearly communicated in the current Campus Sign Program. The objectives of this temporary signage program include:

·       integrating campus signage into useful categories;

·       standardizing materials, colors, and type styles;

·       setting scale and size formats;

·       creating appropriate relationships to landscape, architecture, and lighting elements;

·       selecting appropriate design details; and 

·       organizing wayfinding.

The following are principles governing the prioritization of posting approved banners and temporary signage on the main campus. 

·       Banner and signage content and design is expected to comply with all applicable UC system-wide and UC Riverside campus-wide policies, and to be consistent with the Campus Sign Program. 

·       All banners and signs must be professionally produced and sized correctly to fit securely on the brackets provided (no flags, bedsheets, etc.).  

·       Banners and signs specific to campus events and activities are limited to a posting period time approved by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. 

D.   Exceptions 

Exceptions to the temporary signage portion of this policy include the posting of:

·       Public safety alerts and public information notices issued during times of potential or current campus emergencies authorized by:

o   the Office of the Chancellor;

o   University of California Police Department–Riverside (UCPD);

o   Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S); or

o   University Advancement.

·       Notices displayed for classroom relocations or cancellations.

·       Construction-related activities. The Office of Capital Assets Strategies, working with Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS), is responsible for posting and removing temporary signage that involves construction-related activities. For additional information, visit the Capital Assets Strategies website or call 951.827.2433. 

·       Student elections. For guidelines on Student Elections signs refer to Chapter 7 of the ASUCR Bylaws (Elections Code). 

Any requests for exceptions to the banner portion of this policy, as well as any requests that are not related to campus events or activities, may be considered by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, or their designee.


    IV.        Roles & Responsibilities

A.   Campus Community

UC Riverside must balance temporary signage requests with the need to maintain the integrity, aesthetics, and safety of the overall campus. Every member of the UC Riverside community is responsible in helping to preserve the physical appearance of the campus. Outside vendors, sponsors, or independent organizations unaffiliated with UC Riverside are not permitted to post, hang, or otherwise display temporary signage on the main campus without prior written approval.

It is the responsibility of campus leadership to ensure the effective communication of this policy to members of the campus community. Every visitor, including but not limited to, guests, volunteers, trainees, vendors, contractors, and supplemental staff employed through contract agencies should be made aware of and are expected to adhere to this policy.

B.  Campus Signage Advisory Group

Reporting jointly to the Vice Chancellor for Planning, Budget, and Administration and the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, the Campus Signage Advisory Group (Advisory Group) is charged with reviewing and approving campus temporary signage requests, ensuring compliance with applicable system-wide and campus policies. The Advisory Group is chaired jointly by the Campus Architect and a representative from University Communications.

     C.   Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate Athletics posts temporary signage throughout the campus about UC Riverside athletic programs and upcoming sporting events. 

 D.   Planning, Budget, and Administration

                  1.     University of California Police Department-Riverside (UCPD) Events Safety 

UCPD recognizes the rights of all individuals to engage in constitutionally protected free speech and public assembly. In its role to protect those rights, UCPD participates in the research, pre-planning, and coordination of all major special events and activities held on the UC Riverside campus.

                  2.     Facilities Services

a.    As units of the Facilities Services department, Building Services and Special Services/Landscape provide essential maintenance support to the campus community and may be called upon to remove and dispose of any posted temporary signage on campus which does not comply with this policy. 

b.    Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is responsible for posting and removing temporary directional signs along campus roads, the campus parking lots, and major campus pathways for events taking place on campus. 

                            3.     Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) 

EH&S posts temporary signage throughout the campus to announce a variety of evacuation drills, as well as health and safety inspections. Additionally, in the event of a campus emergency or as a result of a natural disaster EH&S has developed internal controls for the posting and removing of temporary signage for the purpose of quickly disseminating critical information to the campus community. To the extent practical, the established guidelines for posting and removing these types of temporary signage adhere to the standards established in this policy.

               4.     Capital Assets Strategies 

Capital Assets Strategies oversees the Campus Signage Program which covers permanent interior and exterior signage on campus. However, it may review requests for exceptions to any particular protocol with regard to the approval and posting of temporary signage.

              5.     Housing, Dining and Residential Services (HDRS) 

In the current HDRS Handbook, guidance is provided for the promotion of activities, including the process for posting temporary signage. Along with maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of housing and dining facilities, this direction helps to ensure the safety of each member of the UC Riverside campus community.

E.   University Advancement 

Responsibility for major event management and consistent University messaging falls within the purview of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. There are several units within this organization that are involved in overseeing the location of temporary signage throughout the campus.

                  1.     Office of Event Management and Protocol 

The Office of Event Management and Protocol is responsible for creating, posting, and removing temporary signage associated with large campus events, such as Convocation and Commencement

                  2.     Office of University Communications 

The Office of University Communications manages the official University reference for institutional branding, marketing, and messages. The UC Riverside Identity Standards Manual provides guidance for anyone who writes, edits, or designs printed, electronic, or other publications and materials for and about UC Riverside, including temporary signage.

                  3.     Office of Alumni Engagement 

The Office of Alumni Engagement manages events at the Alumni and Visitors Center, including the creating, posting, and removing of temporary signage for events and activities being held at the Center.  

F.    Student Affairs

1.     Student Affairs 

The Office of Student Affairs outlines procedures and regulations regarding the ability to post materials: Student Affairs Posting and Distribution Policy. These regulations closely align with this policy.

2.     Highlander Union Building (HUB) Administration 

The administrative unit of the Highlander Union Building outlines procedures to follow in submitting a request for approval to post temporary signage in and around the HUB: Procedures for Posting of Temporary Exterior Signage. The procedures recognize and closely align to the precepts of this policy.

G.    Colleges 

Each of the colleges at UC Riverside is encouraged to implement a set of internal controls for reviewing and approving the posting and removing of temporary signage within the interior of their respective spaces.

H.    Entities Seeking to Post Temporary Signage 

All UC Riverside units, as well as individual faculty, staff, and visitors are responsible for reading and understanding this policy and the associated procedures. They are responsible for requesting permission to post temporary signage, as well as properly posting and removing the approved temporary signage.

      V.         Procedures

A.   Assessment Process and Criteria

To ensure adequate time for request review and banner production, requests for banner signage involving designated areas should be submitted through the UCR Brand Site a minimum of two months prior to the requested installation date. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Approved requests will be confirmed in writing to the appropriate campus partners (within 5 business days) and scheduled for display based on availability. Requests that are not approved will be confirmed in writing to the appropriate campus partners, including the rationale for denial. 

Events and awareness campaigns must be authorized by appropriate campus organizational units before related signage requests will be considered. 

Banner and signage requests shall be review and approved according to the following criteria:

1.     Requests shall be prioritized in the following order:

a.    Banners and signage pertaining to Campus-wide Events

b.    Banners and signage pertaining to College-wide Requests

c.     Banners and signage that meet Display Philosophy guidelines 

d.    Banners and signage request submission dates, with preference generally given to the earliest submission.

2.     To facilitate equitable sharing of display spaces, during each fiscal year, first-time banner and signage requests shall be prioritized over recurring requests or extension requests.

3.     Banner and signage requests should ideally be submitted a minimum of two months prior to requested display dates.

4.     Banner/Signage Request Form must be complete prior to review by the Campus Signage Adv4sory Group. Incomplete forms shall not be considered.

5.     Requested banners and signage must conform with the display philosophy published on the UCR Brand Site of the requested location and the posting requirements specified in Section B or C, below.

6.     Requested display time must not conflict (or overlap significantly) with pre-scheduled displays available on the online signage calendar (maintained by University Communications).

7.     Requested display time may not exceed four weeks without Advisory Group approval.

8.     Requesting unit agrees to pay all costs for design and production of banners and/or signage and to ensure delivery to the appropriate Facilities department one week prior to the first day of display reservation. Installation of banners received after the deadline is not guaranteed.

9.     Requesting unit agrees to make use of approved UCR Banner/Signage Template artwork or to submit original artwork to UCR Creative Design Services department for review and approval (prior to banner production). All artwork must conform with UCR Brand Guidelines.

10.   Requesting unit agrees to print/produce banner/signage according to UCR standards from in-house or University Communications approved external signage vendors.

11.  Requesting unit agrees to arrange for (and pay for, if needed) delivery, pick up, and storage of banners. 

12.   Requesting unit agrees to absorb all replacement costs for campus banners damaged by      high-wind events or vandalism. Damaged banners will be removed within 48 hours and must be replaced by requesting unit within 10 business days. 

The Campus Signage Advisory Group reserves the right to adjust (shorten or lengthen) display times by up to five days on either end of a requested display window in order to accommodate new/additional requests from campus units, or to better coordinate installation/removal of banners. The Campus Signage Advisory Group reserves the right to adjust review criteria or procedures as needed to better facilitate management of the campus signage program, and will provide updated information as needed to the campus community via the UCR Brand Site.

B.   General Posting Requirements - Temporary Signage 

All UC Riverside units, as well as individual students, faculty, staff, and visitors bear the responsibility for requesting and seeking approval from the applicable campus authority and, upon approval, properly displaying and removing temporary signage on campus.

 All temporary signage approved for posting must:

·       identify the sponsoring entity;

·       have the date of approval for posting and the date for removal clearly visible on the temporary signage;

·       contain information which conforms to the information published on the Signage Request Form;

·       only feature content that describes the related event, activity, product, or service; and

·       not impair the visibility or movement of vehicles and pedestrians, including individuals with disabilities.

University officials may remove and dispose of any posted temporary signage on campus which does not comply with this policy. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the denial of future requests to post temporary signage.

Materials posted in a language other than English must contain an English translation.

Approved temporary signage may not cover or block previously approved temporary signage. All approved temporary signage must be posted in a manner and, as applicable, with materials that will not damage the campus or detract from campus aesthetics.

Any approved temporary signage not properly removed within the stated period of the posting will be removed by an authorized University representative. Because the posting of approved temporary signage presents a potential risk of litter; and clean-up on the campus does not rest with one specific University department, the sponsoring entity responsible for the outdated posting may be charged for any costs associated with the removal of the posting.

C.   General Posting Requirements – Banners 

All requests for the posting of banners are submitted through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. The Campus Signage Advisory Group reviews, approves, and coordinates banner signage requests on behalf of campus colleges, schools, departments, and organizations. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement is responsible for overseeing the design and production of approved banners. The cost for production and other expenses is the responsibility of the organization requesting banner placement. Banner approval guidelines are available on the UC Riverside website.

 VI.         Related Information

A.    UCR Brand Website Signage Section


B.    UCR Posting Regulations Policy (700-50)


C.   Student Affairs Posting and Distribution Policy


D.   HUB Procedures for Posting Temporary Existing Signage


E.    Resident Handbook


VI.         Approval and Revision History

This is a new policy effective January 2020. This policy explains the formal process for approving, managing, and removing temporary signage and banners as defined above. 

This policy is reviewed by the Campus Signage Advisory Group no less than annually. Recommended updates are forwarded for review and action to the policy owners.