UCR Policies and Procedures

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CampusPolicy Number: 700-50

Posting Regulations

Policy Owner: Campus Activities
Effective Date: 9/1/89

  2. The intent of this policy is to provide an organized procedure for UC Riverside organizations to publicize events and activities without detracting from the aesthetic appearance of the campus.

  4. Literature may be posted generally only be registered campus organizations, student governments, University departments, but individual faculty, staff, and students may post in designated areas per C, 4 below. All these groups and individuals must comply with this policy.

    Organizations bear the responsibility for the materials they sponsor for display on campus. Posted materials must be in conformance with the organization's official "Statement of Purpose." Posting of information which defames an individual or group or which presents a clear and present danger to the orderly operation of the campus will be prohibited by the Campus Activities Office. Appeals of penalties for violation of any part of the posting policy may be made to the Campus Board of Review for recommendation to the Vice Chancellor -Student Services and Enrollment Management.

    1. All materials to be posted on bulletin boards and kiosks must be no larger than 8 1/2" x 11". Materials must clearly bear the name of the sponsoring organization or department, and must be stamped "MEETS UC RIVERSIDE POSTING POLICY" in the Campus Activities Office. Banners must be scheduled as to dates and locations in Campus Activities.
    2. Materials must be removed within 24 hours after the event has taken place.
    3. Only non-commercial literature may be posted. University regulations prohibit the use of bulletin boards for commercial advertising by individuals, groups, organizations, or commercial entities.
    4. Personal notices by individual University students, faculty and staff (3"x 5" cards) may be posted at designated boards. They must meet the standards listed in #1 above.
    5. Any materials posted covering other materials will be removed.
    6. Only the locations listed below are to be used for posting. No materials may be posted on trees, doors, windows, interior or exterior walls, light poles, etc. Parking lots may not be leafletted.
    7. Only one poster per board or kiosk per event is allowed.
    8. Distribution and posting of literature in the Residence Halls shall be in accordance with Residence Hall policies, and inside buildings in accordance with the policies of the responsible department. Within the commons, posting inside the Lounges is restricted to bulletin boards and display cases. Posting within the Cafeteria and Pub is restricted to official notices from those departments.
    9. Postings which damage a surface or do not conform to these rules will be removed. Organizations failing to remove their postings, or responsible for mis-posting flyers will be billed for the time it takes to remove the material and clean the area; they may also be denied future posting privileges.
    10. During annual spring Legislative Council elections, posting will be allowed on any brick surface in the Commons area. Posters for any one candidate shall be limited to 75. Other rules in this policy and as set by ASUCR regarding damage to surface, time limits, removal after election, etc., will be strictly enforced.

    1. Designated wires on south side of Commons covered walkway.
    2. The northwest wall in front of Hinderaker Hall.
    3. Sides of the Bell Tower.


    • West end of Geology - North Wing.
    • Commons Lounge - South side-RESERVED FOR DEPARTMENTAL USE*
    • Commons between Cafeteria and International Lounge.
    • Bookstore - Southwest corner.
    • Lot #20 - Mall near tennis courts.
    • Walkway between A&I Drive and Commons.
    • Pierce Hall - Southwest and Southeast corners.
    • East of Hinderaker Hall.
    • Humanities - Kiosk in North Patio.
    • West arcade of Rivera Library.
    • Watkins Hall (East).
    • South of Bell Tower.
    • West entrance of Life Science Building.
    • Entrance of Life Science 1500.
    • North entrance of Pierce Hall.
    • South entrance of Physical Education.
    • South of Sproul Hall.
    • Entrance of Physics 2000.
    • Entrance of Bio-Agricultural Library.
    • Commons - on wall between Chicano Student Programs and West entrance to the Cafeteria.
    • Commons - on wall between Highlander Office and stairs to the Bookstore (2 boards).
    • Commons - on East wall between Conference Rooms (2 boards).
    • Entrance of Life Science 1500, immediately to the left of the door.
    • West wall of Humanities - outside wall of the Art Gallery.
    • Outside entrances to sections of Sproul Hall.
    • West Side of patio between Physics 2000 and Geology.
    • Patio north of Life Sciences Biology East.
    • Webber Hall - Southwest corner.
    • North wall outside entrance to Hinderaker Hall.

    Please DO NOT USE the kiosk outside the entrance to the Women's Resource Center.

    *Posters for these two covered and locked boards may be left in Campus Activities for posting by their staff.