UCR Policies and Procedures

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CampusPolicy Number: 700-30

Fund Raising by Campus Organizations

Policy Owner: Campus Activities
Effective Date: 6/1/83

Registered campus organizations may attempt fund raising in various ways. The guidelines for fund raising are as follows:

  1. The Campus Activities Office shall be notified in advance of any proposed fund raising activity.
  2. Only registered campus organizations may conduct fund raising activities and the purpose must be clearly stated.
  3. The following means are acceptable: Direct solicitation; sale of buttons, pins, books, etc., on which should be clearly indicated the name of the sponsoring organization.
  4. Fund raising may be done anywhere on campus outdoors, but is limited indoors to scheduled meetings or events of the sponsoring organization. Tables set up for soliciting and students soliciting for funds should be certain not to interfere with normal traffic, especially doorways and parking lot entrances or exits.
  5. Any solicitation that would make refusal awkward or uncomfortable is prohibited.
  6. Accurate financial records must be kept by the sponsoring organization. These records may be subject to inspection by the University.
  7. Food sales must be scheduled with Campus Activities and approved at least three days in advance by Health and Safety. Forms are available in the Campus Activities Office.

Results of all fund raising events are to be reported to the Campus Activities Office within one week after the event, whether profitable or otherwise. Forms for this reporting are available at Campus Activities, Scheduling Desk.