UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Title:                     Campus Filming 

Policy Number:               700-15


Responsible Officer:

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Responsible Office:

University Communications

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



Guidance Concerning Filming & Photography on Campus


   I.  Overview 

The University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside) requires written permission for all filming, photography, and videography for commercial use on University property. University Communications is the designated office for receiving requests to film, coordinating their evaluation, granting or denying approval, and coordinating University support for approved activities.

  II.  Definitions

   “Filming” for purposes of this policy means all still or moving film, photo, and video recording on University property for commercial purposes by individuals or organizations not employed by, or agents of, UC Riverside.

  “Campus” for purposes of this policy means all real estate under the control of the University of California Board of Regents, regardless of physical location.

 III.  Exceptions

This policy does not cover filming for the following purposes:

   Journalism:  filming for legitimate news-gathering purposes by the professional news media

   Personal use:  filming for personal, noncommercial use

  Academic use:  filming by current UC Riverside students and faculty for academic purposes, including research, creative or scholarly work, or teaching and learning 


Filming for these purposes may still be subject to reasonable and appropriate restrictions imposed by the University for legitimate reasons, which may include preserving safety or maintain public order, protecting personal privacy, avoiding disruption to the University’s academic activities and official business, complying with state or federal law, or honoring contractual obligations. 


 IV.  Requirements

        A.  Filming will not be allowed at times and in places where it would be disruptive to the academic process, student life, and/or patient care. The University’s name, trademarks, indicia, signature colors and images, prominent individuals and locations, mascots, and athletic uniforms may not be filmed without express written permission. 


        B.  Individuals or organizations wishing to film on campus must submit a Filming Request Form to University Communications for preliminary consideration. If conditionally approved, the requestor is required to execute a Film Location Agreement issued by UC Riverside, which will confirm the terms and conditions for campus filming. Upon execution of the Film Location Agreement, UC Riverside will issue a Filming Permit.


                       1.        Those requesting permission to film must submit the final script, treatment, storyboards, or similar materials describing the project in detail for prior review by the University prior to a filming permit being granted.

                       2.        The University will require requestors to provide certificates of insurance for Workers' Compensation, automobile, and general liability. The required insurance limits may vary depending on the scope of the project. The certificate must specify The University of California Board of Regents as named insureds. 


        C.  All individuals and organizations filming at UC Riverside must adhere to the University’s Principles of Community and other relevant policies. 


        D.  The University has the right to deny filming requests if, in its sole judgment, the project conflicts with the mission and values of the University, portrays students or faculty in a negative manner, or is derogatory to higher education. Examples of subject matter that may be rejected are excessive violence, abuse of alcohol and drugs, nudity, racism, sexism, and obscenity.


        E.  Permission to film does not constitute implied or explicit endorsement of the recording or its content.



        F.  The University reserves the right to levy location fees to reflect services rendered in connection with filming, such as parking, security, food service, facility wear-and-tear, and staff time. In consultation with other UC Riverside departments, University Communications will establish these costs at the time of approval.



        G.  Production vehicles and staff are allowed to park only in the areas agreed upon prior to filming. 


                       1.        Vehicles may not obstruct city streets or University traffic. If requestors anticipate that traffic patterns must be altered for filming, they must notify the University before filming begins.

                       2.        The production company is required to disclose loading and unloading needs so that the University can approve a schedule prior to filming. 


        H.  The University reserves the right to revoke permission to film on its property at any time, without recourse, if in its judgment the filming is in conflict with the terms and intent of this policy or the Film Location Agreement. 


        I.   As appropriate, all individuals and organizations filming at UC Riverside shall create and place signs around location to advise visitors, students, and employees in advance that they may be photographed, filmed, or otherwise appear on camera.  


        J.  The University reserves the right to eject any crew member(s) or person(s) in any way connected with the production company for displaying behavior that is deemed disruptive to the operation of the University. Such instances include offensive language or behavior toward students, faculty, staff, administrators, or University guests. 



        K.  Unless the production company has obtained prior written approval, they will not be permitted to identify UC Riverside as the fictitious location either directly or indirectly.  


        L.  The University may assign staff to oversee the film crew’s activities on campus. Those staff will have full discretion to enforce any and all aspects of this policy in the manner they deem appropriate. 


        M.  Any crew filming on campus must adhere to the University of California Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone) Policy. 


        N.  All electrical needs must be presented to the University in advance of the project. The University will decide on proper placement of generators on location.

        O.  Individuals and organizations filming at UC Riverside are responsible for obtaining releases or other written permissions from all persons captured on film or video before it is utilized for commercial or other purposes.