UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number:             650-85

Policy Topic:                                 Volunteer (without salary) Appointments

Policy Owner:                               Human Resources
Effective Date:                              12/01/2011
Date of Revision:                          08/01/2014
I.    Introduction and Overview
This policy provides guidance for the use of volunteer services, promoting safety, reducing risk, and protecting the interests of the University of California-Riverside (University), its volunteers, and the community it serves.
II.  Related Policies, References, and Forms
A.   Background Check (Criminal Record) Authorization Form
B.   State Oath and Patent Acknowledgment Form
C.   Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit (Optional)
D.   Volunteer Application Form
E.   Volunteer Registration Form
F.   Volunteer Extension/Separation Form
III. Definitions
A.  Volunteers are:
1.  Individuals who perform service for their own benefit (including staff, faculty, retirees, students, alumni, and others not associated with the University) in furtherance of the humanitarian, educational, or service missions of the University and/or to gain professional experience through their service to the University. All volunteers covered under this policy are uncompensated and provide services without any expectation of compensation.
2.  All unpaid student intern volunteers who are performing service solely for their personal educational goals unrelated to the pursuit of their academic degree should be appointed as a Student Intern, Title Code TC 4740.
3.  All other unpaid volunteers should be appointed as a Volunteer, TC 9900.
B.  Volunteers are not:
1.  Individuals receiving payment for services rendered from a non-University of California (UC) pay source (e.g., visitors receiving per diem or support from their home institutions, employees of organizations with contracts to use University facilities).
2.  Individuals affiliated with and providing services on behalf of external agencies or service organizations (e.g., American Red Cross volunteers).
3.  Off-campus volunteers sponsored by, but not under the direct supervision of, the University.
4.  Individuals from groups providing fundraising, public outreach, or other support services as described in the UC Policy on Support Groups, Campus Foundations, and Alumni Associations.
5.  All unpaid student interns who are performing service solely in pursuit of their academic degree.
6.     Individuals holding academic “without salary” appointments.
IV. Procedural Guidance
A.   Provisions and Restrictions
1.   Volunteers must:
a.  Provide services at the sole discretion of their assigned department.
b.  Provide services on a part-time, sporadic schedule and/or limited duration.
c.  Abide by the rules, policies, and regulations of the University and the sponsoring department.
d.  Be supervised by a University employee (No volunteer may supervise a University employee or another volunteer.).
2.   Volunteers must not:
a.  Displace/replace a paid position.
b.  Be appointed to a volunteer assignment after the commencement of work.
c.  Conduct duties that are identical or similar to current or past compensated work performed at the University.
d.  Have access to:
i.     University financial accounts or funds.
ii.    University master keys.
iii.   University confidential records or information.
iv.   Controlled substances.
e.  Enter into any contract on behalf of the University.
3.   Volunteers may:
a.  Have their appointments ended without prior notice at the discretion of the sponsoring department (e.g., services are no longer required, performance is unsatisfactory).
b.  Be compensated for incidental expenses in accordance with applicable UC or University policies.
4.  Volunteers who are minors (those under 18 years of age) and who have not graduated from high school are encouraged to provide a completed work permit prior to beginning their assignments (Optional).
B.   Background Checks
Volunteer assignments that involve any of the following concerns are considered sensitive and require a background check and/or special training or supervision:
1.  Care or security of minors
2.  Cash handling
3.  Animal handling
4.  Use of or contact with hazardous substances, dangerous equipment, or materials
5.  Access to building or office keys
6.  Criminal conviction noted on the Volunteer Application Form
C.   UC Workers’ Compensation Coverage
1.  Eligible volunteers in TC 9900 are covered when acting within the capacity and scope of their volunteer assignment.
2.     Student Intern Volunteers in TC 4740 are not covered.
3.    UC Workers’ Compensation coverage is only valid if the Volunteer Registration Form has been completed prior to the commencement of the volunteer assignment.
4.    Eligible volunteers (TC 9900) injured when acting within the capacity and scope of their volunteer assignment must immediately notify their department supervisor of the injury.
a.  If medical treatment is needed, volunteers are authorized to be treated only at the approved medical facilities found here.
b.  For more information, visit the Workers’ Compensation website or call 951.827.2636.
D.  UC General Liability Insurance Coverage
Qualified volunteers may be covered by the Insurance Program (BUS-81). For more information, visit the Risk Management website or call 951.827.8224.
E.  Volunteer Appointment Procedures
1.  Volunteer appointees with a duration of two weeks or less are not required to have their appointments entered into the payroll system, but are subject to all other aspects of this policy.
2.  Volunteer:
Complete the following documents prior to the commencement of the volunteer
a.   Volunteer Application Form
b.   Section II of the Volunteer Registration Form
c.   State Oath and Patent Acknowledgment Form (Aliens are excluded from the requirement to sign the State Oath portion of the document.)
d.  Background Check (Criminal Record) Authorization Form (if applicable)
3.  Department:
a.  Complete Section I and Section III of the Volunteer Registration Form
b.  Process the Background Check (Criminal Record) Authorization Form (if applicable)
c.  Formalize the volunteer appointment using the appropriate TC (4740 or 9900), as follows:
i.   If the volunteer has a Social Security Number (SSN), then input the SSN into the payroll system, using a “WOS” DOS code.
ii.    If the volunteer does not have an SSN, then track manually.
d.  Maintain a record of service hours for each volunteer.
e.  In the event an eligible volunteer is injured, call 951.827.2636.
f.   Complete and retain a Volunteer Extension/Separation Form whenever a volunteer appointment is extended and whenever a volunteer appointment ends.
g.  Provide a copy of the completed Volunteer Registration Form for eligible volunteers in TC 9900 to Workers’ Compensation.
           h.  Retain all documents relating to volunteer appointments in the departmental
personnel files for a period of three years.
V.   Feedback
For comments or questions regarding this policy, please call 951.827.2636 or send an email to UCRpolicy@ucr.edu.