UCR Policies and Procedures

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   Policy Title:                   Recruited Student-Athletes Admissions Review


Policy Number:             650-62


Responsible Officer:

Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Compliance Officer

Responsible Office:

Chief Compliance Office

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



I.       Policy Summary and Scope

This policy ensures that financial contributions are not factors in admissions decisions for Recruited Student-Athletes. This policy applies to all paid and volunteer staff members of Athletics, Undergraduate Admissions, and University Advancement. This policy reflects UCR’s commitment to integrity in admissions by recognizing the importance of avoiding actual or apparent conflicts of interest in the admissions process and is guided by UC Regents Policies 1111 and 2202.


II.     Definitions

Recruited Student-Athlete: A student-athlete being actively recruited to participate on an athletic team.


III.   Policy

To identify and avoid any conflicts of interest or bias in the admissions of Recruited Student-Athletes, UCR will follow procedures designed to identify anyone that the athletic department knows is acting on behalf of the family of all Recruited Student-Athletes being considered for admission, and ensure that any donation by an identified individual does not influence the admission decision. When an actual or perceived conflict arises from a donation, UCR will manage the conflict appropriately to ensure integrity in the admissions decision.


IV.    Approval and Revision History

This policy was originally approved by Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Compliance Officer on April 19, 2021. The policy was revised and approved effective September 14, 2021 to modify in the review procedure that the unit that will be pulling the donation information will be Audit & Advisory Services and not University Advancement.


V.     Appendix

 The procedures for the recruited student-athlete admissions review are outlined in Appendix A.




Appendix A

Recruited Student-Athletes Admissions Review Procedure 

1.    Prior to admission, the Athletics Compliance Office will request that coaches and recruiting personnel disclose any known relatives, or anyone that the athletics department knows is acting on behalf of the family of all recruited student-athletes who have applied for or expressed imminent intent to apply for the upcoming admission term.

2.    The disclosure information will be shared with UCR Audit & Advisory Services. Audit & Advisory Services will review the disclosures and pull information for any individuals that have been disclosed by the Athletics Compliance Office. Audit & Advisory Services will pull donations that have been given to UCR within the last six years. Audit & Advisory Services will prepare the following information regarding any donations and/or commitments received meeting the previously defined criteria: frequency of donations, recency of donations, to which school/college/unit donations were directed, and interactions documented with the individual in order to support due diligence. 

3.    Donation information identified by Audit & Advisory Services will be sent to the UCR Chief Compliance Office to review and make a recommendation regarding the admissions decision for applicants where donations have been identified. If there is concern that donations may have been made to influence the admissions process, the Provost will review and make the final approval regarding the admissions decision.

4.    Donation information will be updated and reviewed in the Fall Quarter, one year after the student-athlete has been enrolled at UCR.