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Campus Policy Number: 650-17-1

Emeriti -- Rights & Privileges

Policy Owner: Chancellor's Office
Effective Date: 9/15/95


Standing Orders of The Regents 103.5 confers the title emeritus/a, upon retirement, on every academic appointee or administrative officer who is a member of the Academic Senate. Other academic appointees and administrative officers whom the President recommends, based on specific criteria established by the President, may also receive emeritus/a status upon retirement.

Emeriti/ae are important members of the University. Their knowledge, experience and talents continue to serve as a valuable asset to the academic mission of the University. Because the UCR campus community recognizes the importance of helping the emeritus/a professor maintain scholarly and professional activity, it is UCR's policy to attempt to accommodate emeriti/ae needs, consistent with other departmental priorities.

The rights and privileges of emeriti/ae are as follows:

  1. A. Academic Status
    1. Emeriti/ae retain membership in the Academic Senate (Standing Orders of The Regents 105.1(a)). As Academic Senate members, emeriti/ae are eligible to serve on Senate, department and other committees.
    2. Emeriti/ae retain membership in their departments (Academic Senate Bylaw 45.D.).
    3. Emerit/ae retain full voting rights in the Academic Senate; departmental voting rights can be extended to them under Academic Senate Bylaw 55.C.
    4. Emeriti/ae can be recalled as an academic appointee in a department.
  2. Academic Privileges
    1. Space: Department chairs are responsible for the equitable distribution and optimum use of space for academic departments. Emeriti/ae (including Professors of the Graduate Division) may apply annually (with special justification, for more than one year) to the department chair, defining and justifying the requested space and associated support requirements. When feasible and accompanied by specific justification, and consistent with other department needs, office and laboratory space can be provided to emeriti/ae professors to continue their teaching and/or scholarly or creative work. The department chair shall consult with the dean in assignment of space for emeriti/ae. and the Dean will annually prepare a School/College list of proposed allocations of space to emeriti, with justification, and present this to the Provost for review and approval, consistent with Provost’s authority over all campus space.  These spaces will return to the applicable Dean’s office at the end of the approved period.  [section amended March 2023]
    2. Departmental Resources Other Than Space: The professional needs of emeriti/ae should be supported with other departmental resources by the department chair to the extent feasible. The emeritus/a professor who is provided with space or other departmental resources should be expected to contribute occasional departmental services, when requested by the dean or department chair.
    3. Direction of Students: An emeritus/a professor may serve as chair or member of graduate student dissertation or other committees and may supervise students in independent studies or research (190 and 290 series).
    4. Contracts and Grants: Emeriti/ae faculty may submit proposals for and may administer grants, contracts or other research projects supported by extramural or intramural funds or gifts.
    5. Library: Emeriti/ae faculty retain the same library privileges they held at the time of retirement.
    6. General Catalog Listings: Emeriti/ae faculty shall be listed in the UCR General Catalog under the department(s) in which they hold emeritus/a title and may continue to be listed in the UCR telephone directory if they so desire.
    7. Academic Events and Ceremonies: Emeriti/ae are encouraged to participate in academic events and ceremonies, along with regular ranks faculty.
  3. Non-Academic Privileges of Emeriti/ae Faculty
    1. Emeriti/ae are eligible for campus parking permits at rates established by the campus parking policy.
    2. Emeriti/ae may continue in the health insurance plans after retirement, with the monthly premium taken from the annuity allowance with the University continuing its contribution.
    3. Emeriti/ae are eligible to participate in the Group Auto Insurance Plan; premium to be made directly to the carrier.
    4. Emeriti/ae are eligible for use of physical education facilities on the same basis as regular ranks faculty.
    5. Emeriti/ae can continue accidental death insurance with death benefit payment to beneficiary; premium to be made directly to the carrier.
    6. Emeriti/ae are not eligible for Group Life insurance, but upon retirement the equitable life insurance may be converted into individual life insurance.
    7. Emeriti/ae may join or retain membership in the Riverside Campus Federal Credit Union.
    8. Emeriti/ae may join or retain membership in the University Club.
    9. Emeriti/ae may receive University publications at their departmental address.
    10. Emeriti/ae may receive the Annuitants Newsletter, which is mailed to all retirees annually by the Systemwide Retirement Office.
    11. Emeriti/ae may make arrangements with their departments to receive University mail, if they so desire.

July 20, 1993 (revision to only Section B.1 on March 16, 2023)