UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Title:                      Unemployment Insurance

Policy Number:                600-75


Responsible Officer:

Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Responsible Office:

Human Resources

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



Information Concerning Unemployment Insurance Program for Academic and Staff Employees

     I.        Summary

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is designed to partially replace wages lost when an employee becomes involuntarily unemployed. The State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) administers the program, Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) is the contact in connection with all UI claims on behalf of the university.


The coordination of services is to provide unemployment benefits for employees leaving university employment through no fault of their own until subsequent employment is obtained; and manage campus resources effectively by avoiding unwarranted charges (for example, employees terminating employment without a good cause or due to misconduct).

 II.        Policy

A.   Eligibility

Eligibility for unemployment is determined by EDD. A complete list of the eligibility requirements is available on the EDD website at www.edd.ca.gov.

B.   Program Administration

1.    Employee and Labor Relations (ELR)

a.    Consults with departments on separation actions.

b.    Administers the Unemployment Insurance Program for the UC Riverside campus in conjunction with UC’s third party administrator Equifax Workplace Solutions.

2.    Equifax Workplace Solutions

a.    Acts as the university’s representative in unemployment claim matters.

b.    May contact departments to obtain additional information on a UI claim.

3.    EDD

Administers the California Unemployment Insurance Program, determines eligibility, and makes benefit payments to eligible individuals.  

     III.        Responsibilities

A.   Department

1.    Separations

Prior to taking any separation action review relevant policies and collective bargaining agreements and consult with ELR.

2.    Recordkeeping

Maintain complete personnel records for all employees in accordance with PPSM-80: Staff Personnel Records.

B.   Employee

1.    May elect to file an unemployment claim with EDD on-line at www.edd.ca.gov or by calling (800) 300-5616.

2.    Continuation of Benefits

a.    CONEXIS will mail eligible benefits participants a COBRA application package.

b.    Eligible participants must submit their response to CONEXIS within the 60-day period referenced in the letter from CONEXIS. 

     IV.        Procedures

A.   Employee

1.    Verify eligibility for unemployment on the EDD website at www.edd.ca.gov. Individuals who work outside California should contact the comparable agency for their state of residence.

2.    If UC Riverside was your last employer you must provide EDD with the following employer address:

ELR UI Coordinator – Human Resources

University of California, Riverside

1223 University Avenue, Suite 200

Riverside, CA 92521

B.   Department

1.   Inform the employee of their right to file an unemployment insurance claim with EDD. The Notice to Employees Unemployment Insurance Benefits is available on the EDD website at http://www.edd.ca.gov/pdf_pub_ctr/de1857d.pdf.

2.   Complete an Unemployment Insurance Termination Report (U5602) for all separating employees.

a.    The form is used to supply detailed information about an employee’s separation to university representatives and to assist them in making timely responses to claim notices from EDD.

b.    When responding to the form, use the following:

1)    General Funds – Fund Source 19900-19999

2)    Federal Funds – Fund Source 21000-33999

3)    All Other Funds – Fund Source other than those above

c.    Submit the completed form to ELR upon receipt.

3.    Claims Notices

UI Claim notices or correspondence must be sent to ELR on the day of receipt because the university has only ten (10) days from the date the notice is mailed (not received) to respond to EDD.

4.    For Involuntary Separation

Review proposed actions with ELR.           

5.    For Voluntary Separations

Obtain a signed letter of resignation from the employee stating the specific reason(s) for the resignation and future work plans, if any. Note the information on the UI Termination Report (U5602).

6.    For Furloughed Employees

a.    Provide the affected employee with a written notice of reasonable assurance to return to work (furlough notice) for all employees furloughed for more than 1 week.

b.    Document any offer of work (written or verbal) provided to a furloughed employee who had not previously received a notice of reasonable assurance to return to work and advise the UI campus coordinator in ELR.

7.    For Academic Employees

Notification of reasonable assurance should be made 30 days prior to the end of the academic term.

C.   Shared Services

Separate the employee by entering and updating the required data on the bundle screen “SEPR”. The process is required for all types of terminations.

 V.        Forms

U5602 – Unemployment Insurance Termination Report


      VI.        Contacts





Employee & Labor Relations (ELR)

Mariela Bridges

(951) 827-3641



Customer Service

(800) 300-5616


UI Self-Service

(866) 333-4606


Equifax Workplace Solutions


(800) 475-5768


 VII.        Related Information

·         Employment & Development Department (EDD)

·         Policy 80:  Staff Personnel Records (Refer to Section VII.1.) 

     VIII.        Frequently Asked Questions

  While all decisions regarding eligibility are made by EDD, these FAQs reflect responses received from EDD in the past. Employees are encouraged to check the EDD website for current information at www.edd.ca.gov.

Q1.     Do student workers qualify for unemployment insurance benefits?

 A1.    Students who work in the summer with wages earned in non-school employment who apply for UI benefits during a school recess period may be eligible under the same provisions as any other claimant. Note: A school recess period is any week between two successive academic terms; or any holiday or recess period within a term (of at least a one week duration), such as winter or spring break.

Q2.      Are employees who are on a furlough between academic terms eligible for UI benefits?

A2.     Generally, an employee who is on furlough between academic terms and has an offer of reasonable assurance to return to work in the same or similar position would not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, provided that the offer is not contingent on enrollment, funding or program changes.

          IX.        Revision History

This policy was reformatted into the standard UC Riverside policy template effective August 1, 2017.