UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Number:  600 -75

Policy Title:        Unemployment Insurance

Policy Owner:    Employee and Labor Relations

Effective Date:   07/31/2015



The purpose of this procedure is to provide department administrators with a working knowledge of the California Unemployment Insurance Code, the relevant campus procedures involved in its administration, and to provide you with a better understanding as to its meaning and the important role you play in the successful campus administration of the Unemployment Insurance Program. Since all decisions on eligibility are made by the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD), employees and supervisors should not make individual interpretations or decisions.

A key factor in the administration of the program is the proper documentation of actions and circumstances leading to and culminating in the act of separation. The information that departments provide on the Unemployment Insurance Termination Report (Form U5602) will be the basis for University (through its representatives) actions on benefit claims following the review of the form received by the University from EDD. It is this information that is relied upon when the acceptance or denial of Unemployment Insurance claims is determined.

The objectives of the program include providing unemployment benefits for employees leaving University of California employment through no fault of their own until subsequent employment is obtained; the denial of benefits to employees terminating their employment without good cause or for misconduct; and the elimination of unwarranted charges, thereby decreasing the payroll assessment rate.


Unemployment Insurance is designed to replace, in part, wages lost because an employee is involuntarily unemployed.

The California Unemployment Insurance Program is administered by the State of California, Employment Development Department (EDD).

The Unemployment Insurance Program for the Riverside Campus of the University of California is administered through the Employee and Labor Relations Office by:

Equifax Workplace Solutions

Equifax Workplace Solutions 

11432 Lakeland Road 

St. Louis, MO  63146

Telephone (800) 475-5768, Ext. 7692

FAX (314) 983-3127



Record Keeping: Maintain complete records for all employees, (academic, staff, part-time, full-time, career and casual). These records should include an accurate and up-to-date attendance record; evaluations for both probationary period and the required annual review; additional evaluations as deemed necessary by the department; any letters of reprimand or counseling; and documentation of any disciplinary actions taken.

Work Rules: Ensure that all employees are aware of or receive copies of University policies and departmental work rules so that violations resulting in discharge cannot be refuted on the basis of lack of knowledge of University of California policy.

Separations: After learning of a pending separation of any covered employee (preferably on the same day this knowledge is learned) the department should initiate the following steps:

1. If applicable, obtain a signed letter of resignation from the employee stating the specific reason(s) for the resignation and future work plans, if any. (The second page of the Unemployment Insurance Termination Report is designed specifically for this purpose.)

2. Separate the employee by entering and updating the required data on the bundle screen "SEPR." This process is required for all types of terminations. Unemployment Insurance Termination Report, (U5602) can be downloaded from the Human Resources website and should be submitted for all terminations of this group of covered employees.

3. Complete the Unemployment Insurance Termination Report, U5602 (see Section G.) and forward it with supporting documentation to the Labor Relations Office.

4. Inform the terminating employee of his/her right to file for Unemployment Insurance benefits (required by State and Federal Law)


If an "Unemployment Insurance Claim Form" (or ANY correspondence from EDD) is received in your department, it should be sent immediately to the Employee and Labor Relations Office. No notations of any kind should be made on the form itself. If an Unemployment Insurance Termination Report has not been previously submitted for the employee concerned, one should be attached to the claim; if an Unemployment Insurance Termination Report is on file, but additional information about the employee's status is known, a memo to that effect should be attached to the claim.

It is most urgent that such Claim Notices or correspondence be sent to Employee and Labor Relations on the day of receipt. Since the University only has ten days from the date the notice is mailed (not received) to respond to the State, claim forms improperly held by a department may well result in the University forfeiting its right to appeal questionable claims.

Be sure the appropriate personnel in your department are aware of this procedure in case of illness or vacation of the person responsible.


Refer all telephone inquiries and correspondence from EDD to the Employee and Labor Relations Office, extension 2-3641. Because of the complexity involved and the possibility of misinterpretation, the department should not be in direct contact with EDD unless specifically requested by the Employee and Labor Relations Office or Equifax Workplace Solutions.


Although the Employee and Labor Relations Office will continue to coordinate this program for the campus and act as liaison with Equifax Workplace Solutions, departments may be contacted directly by Equifax Workplace Solutions in order to obtain additional information. Since Equifax Workplace Solutions will be acting as the University's representative in these matters, please cooperate by providing the necessary information as quickly and completely as possible.


The purpose of this form is to supply detailed information about an employee's separation to University representatives and to assist them in making timely responses to Claim Notices from EDD. The information on this form will be used to respond to Claim Notices; the University may be fined by EDD for supplying erroneous or incomplete information.

This form must be completed regardless of the reason for separation, and should be filled out in its entirety.  When responding to the form, use the following:

General Funds - Fund Source 19900 - 19999

Federal Funds - Fund Source 21000 - 33999

All Other Funds - Fund Source other than those above



With few exceptions, all employees of the University are covered by Unemployment Insurance, whether academic or staff, full-time or part-time, career or limited.  The major categories of employees who are excluded from coverage are University of California students who are enrolled full-time; consultants and independent contractors; and temporary agricultural service workers who are not members of UCRS or PERS.


A claim may be filed by an individual who is unemployed, or who is working on a part-time or reduced earnings basis and earning less than his weekly benefit amount. Claims are filed by calling EDD, which is listed in the Telephone Directory under "California, State of...”. EDD’s telephone number is (800) 300-5616. You can also file an on-line EDD unemployment insurance application or download the application form on PDF format from EDD’s website and fax it to EDD at fax number 1-866-215-9159 or mail it to the following address:

Employment and Development Department

Unemployment Insurance

P.O. Box 826880 – UIPCD, MIC 40

Sacramento, CA 94280-0001


Employees of higher education institutions are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits for any weeks which fall between two successive academic terms if the individual was employed by the institution in the first academic term, and there is reasonable assurance that the individual will be employed again in the second term.  Therefore, employees on furlough status will normally not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.