UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 450-96

Vehicles on Inner Campus

Policy Owner: Transportation & Parking Services
Effective Date: 7/11/00


  2. Campus paths and walkways are designed for the use of pedestrian traffic. Occasionally it is necessary for authorized motor vehicles to enter the campus interior. To ensure the safety of pedestrians and minimize damage to walkways and adjacent plantings, guidelines are provided for departments and individuals who drive motor vehicles onto the campus.

  4. Motor vehicles should be operated on roadways and service roads, and should utilize loading docks and service entrances to buildings and other facilities. Access to the inner campus walks, patios and turf is restricted to situations involving:

    1. Emergencies or life threatening situations,
    2. Protecting the safety of individuals or property
    3. Delivering/removing heavy or awkward items, or
    4. Performing a service where close access to a building is required.

    Warning beepers must be utilized when vehicles are parked on paths and walkways, and/or materials or equipment has bee removed from the vehicle and deposited in areas normally traveled by blind persons. (A warning beeper is a small warning device emitting an intermittent tome available at UCR Police Department).

  6. Access to the campus interior will be controlled through bollards and gates on campus paths and walkways. Campus service departments and private vehicles requiring inner campus access should contact the Parking office. Unauthorized vehicles on the inner campus without access permits displayed in front window will be cited. Citations are the responsibility of the driver (including citations issued to drivers of state vehicles).