UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 450-72

Physical Plant Maintenance, Repairs, Alterations & Other Services

Policy Owner: Physical Plant
Effective Date: 9/15/94



    The mission of the Department of Physical Plant is to serve the UCR students, faculty and staff by maintaining, altering, operating and repairing the physical assets (facilities, utility systems, grounds, and other infrastructure) or the campus in a responsive, proactive, cost efficient and service oriented manner which compliments and enhances the academic, research and community support missions of the University.

    The work performed by the Department of Physical Plant falls into two major categories:

    - Non-Recharge Work: This is work that is performed to "take care of" state-supported (19900 funded) facilities, grounds, utility systems, and other infrastructure. It includes maintenance, repair and operation of these state supported facilities, etc. This is frequently referred to as OMP (Operation and Maintenance of Plant). Paragraph C and J provide additional detail on some specific services.

    - Recharge Work: This includes minor alterations to existing facilities, systems and infrastructure; maintenance and repairs to non-state supported facilities, systems and infrastructure; and other special services.



    The Department of Physical Plant will maintain, operate and repair all facilities, systems, and grounds supported by State (19900) funds. Most of this work is scheduled through a Planned Preventative Maintenance Program or by the Structural Maintenance and Repair Team (SMART). Other maintenance and repair work, including emergencies, is initiated by calling extension 4214 and reporting the deficiency to the Physical Plant Customer Service Center. A work order will then be issued to the appropriate shop. Major maintenance and repair projects are included in the Deferred Maintenance (DM) Program.



    * Building Maintenance - This includes ordinary recurring maintenance and repair of buildings, equipment and control systems; maintenance, repair, and replacement of building components and equipment. Building maintenance also covers pest control.

    * Custodial Services - This includes the cleaning and preserving of building interiors, and windows; and the application of chemicals and products necessary for sanitation and hygiene. Locking and unlocking exterior doors to buildings Monday - Friday is also included.

    * Grounds Maintenance - This includes the maintenance of grounds and outdoor facilities; lawns, trees, shrubs, roads, bridges, sidewalks, fences, signs, storm drains, irrigation systems, parking, and some physical education facilities.

    * Refuse Disposal - This includes the collection and disposal of wet and dry trash, tree trimmings, and grass clippings. Radioactive waste, animal remains, and hazardous or toxic substances are disposed of by the campus department concerned in accordance with the policies prescribed by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

    * Utility Operations - This includes the continuous operation of the central plant and central control systems; distribution of electricity, water, gas, and propane; production and distribution of steam, chilled water, compressed air, and treated water; street lighting, the upkeep, repair, and renewal of central plant equipment, utility distribution and collection systems to the perimeter of buildings. Temperatures are maintained in buildings according to Federal standards with heating set at 68 degrees and cooling set at 78 degrees. Exceptions are made only in areas such as special laboratories and vivariums.

    * Recycling - This is the campus "centralized" recycling program. This does not include recycling performed by various departments, clubs and activities.


    Repairs and minor alterations of existing facilities including remodeling, painting, sign work, hardware, additions to or modifications of existing cabinets, installation of departmental equipment, etc., will be accomplished through Physical Plant (see section 450-16 for dollar limits and restrictions). Preparation of plans and specifications for work performed by Physical Plant skilled crafts and/or by outside contract awarded by Physical Plant and the associated inspection services will be provided to all campus departments. Departments considering such work should send a Construction and Repair Requisition (C&R) to Physical Plant as early as possible to facilitate a timely response.

    The Construction and Repair Requisition form (referred to as a C&R) is used for all reimbursable service requests. C&R's must be submitted before work can be accomplished. The only exception is work of an emergency nature which can be initiated by calling extension 4214 or extension 4677 (after hours), and is subsequently charged to an existing Blanket Order (see blanket orders below) or directly to an account number furnished by the requesting department. The C&R form is available from the Campus Storehouse.



    The C&R form provides boxes for the requesting department to indicate if an estimate is required and whether the work should be done only by Physical Plant skilled crafts. (See exceptions in Part F for work that can only be accomplished by Physical Plant personnel.)


    The requesting department should check this box on the C&R if they wish to have work performed by Physical Plant skilled crafts and billed strictly on a time-and-material basis.


    The requesting department should check this box on the C&R if they wish to have a written estimate prior to Physical Plant skilled crafts performing the work. Work will be billed on a lump-sum basis or if requested, on time-and-material. If time and material is requested, the final cost may be more or less than the written estimate. On a lump sum project, the client will be billed for the amount of the estimate plus/minus any change orders.


    The requesting department should check this box on the C&R if they wish to have the Physical Plant contracting unit solicit competitive bids from in-house (Physical Plant) and outside contractors. Work will be awarded to the lowest qualified bidder and billed on a lump-sum basis. %5 will be added to all outside contract bids to offset oversight, inspection and administrative costs.



    Some work may only be performed by Physical Plant personnel. This may include hardware, work that involves security issues, and work on special equipment or systems. If a campus department has a request that may fall into this category, they should contact the Physical Plant Assistant Director for Facility Maintenance and Recharge Services for clarification at extension 3658.

    In addition, work that is estimated to cost less than $500 will generally not be competitively bid to outside contractors since it is difficult to get qualified contractors to bid on small jobs. Exceptions to this cut-off will be made if Physical Plant lacks the necessary equipment, or is unable to accomplish the work requested, and if qualified contractors are available to bid on the work.



    If a change occurs in the scope of a project after it has been estimated and funded, the requesting department should contact the Assistant Director for Facility Maintenance and Recharge Services at extension 3658 and request an estimate for the changes. This estimate will reflect the additions to or deletions in the scope of work. To initiate the changes, the requesting department must send an additional C&R to Physical Plant that either increases the original lien amount or reduces it as indicated in the change order estimate.



    If a department wishes to cancel a liened C&R, an additional C&R must be submitted identifying the original job number and containing the word "CANCEL" in the description block of the form. This assures appropriate authorization for the cancellation. All other non-liened C&R's can be canceled by a telephone call to the Assistant Director for Fiscal & Personnel Services at extension 4243, sending a fax to 3651, or by E-Mail to PHPLKMD@UCRAC1.UCR.EDU.



    Blanket orders are available to those departments that wish to monitor physical plant expenditures associated with a specific aspect of their operation. The blanket order provides a convenient tool to separate work or service expenditures within the same department. Once established, subsequent work or service requests reference the Physical Plant assigned BO number (e.g., BO789) plus the assigned tag number (e.g., BO789-1). The tag number is assigned sequentially starting with -1 for the first request of the fiscal year. This provides an additional means for matching expenditures with specific requests against the same Blanket Order. A monthly report (GB110) is provided which reflects expenditures against each BO number by tag number. These expenditures are presented by month as well as totals to date from July 1 of the fiscal year.

    A call for establishing Blanket Orders is issued each spring for the coming fiscal year. The C&R form is used to establish the Blanket Order as well as subsequently requesting specific work or service to be charged against it. Blanket Orders do not establish a firm lien on funds. Charges are made directly to the account the blanket was established on.



    A C&R must be submitted in order to request the following special services:

    * Assembling/Moving Furniture and Equipment - Services to assemble and place new furniture and equipment and/or move departmental offices and equipment are available on a recharge basis. Arrangements can also be made with the Assistant Director for Building and Special Services at extension 4219 to borrow furniture moving equipment should a department wish to move its own furniture or equipment.

    * Keys - Additional and/or replacement keys are available at a cost of $1.50 - $2.50 each. When ordering keys, please note the key number and/or location on the requesting C&R. Keys can be picked up at the Physical Plant Customer Service Center in the Corporation Yard. Keys will be made only when requested on a C&R and signed by an authorized person from the requesting department. (Please refer to Pol. & Proc. #450-22.)

    * Set-ups for Special Events - On request, Physical Plant provides labor and materials for setting up various areas on campus for special events. This recharge service includes chairs, tables, special platforms, podiums, chalkboards, etc.

    * Specialized Equipment/Facilities - Special equipment or facilities unique and identifiable to a using department are purchased, maintained, repaired, or replaced on a recharge basis (i.e., cold boxes, centrifuges, growth chambers, freeze dryers, incubators, etc.).

    * Painting - Although general maintenance painting of state facilities will be done at no cost to campus departments by Physical Plant on a twelve year cycle (based on available funds), out-of-cycle painting will be done on a recharge basis only, unless sub-standard conditions exist and approval is granted by the Director of Physical Plant. If maintenance funds are available, a special provision is made for Physical Plant to charge only 50% of the cost to paint the office/lab for a new incoming Professor. A request for approval of the 50% provision should be indicated on the C&R.

    * Supplemental Cooling - Supplemental air conditioning, including window units and cold boxes is air conditioning required over and above that furnished by design in a room, area, or building to maintain specified environmental temperature, humidity and air quality conditions required for animals, insects, plants, cultures, routine procedures, equipment, experimental and research programs, or other specific techniques.

    All air conditioning equipment obtained as stated above shall be at departmental expense, including that brought in on an emergency or temporary basis. Purchased equipment will be inventoried to the department, and will require an annual maintenance and service blanket with Physical Plant to ensure maximum life of the unit and to protect the University's investment. All requests for purchase, installation, and maintenance of supplemental air conditioning must be submitted on a C&R form and will be recharged to the requesting department. The size and type of unit needed to best fit specific needs shall be recommended by Physical Plant or the Office of Planning, Design, and Construction.