UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 450-70

Parking Violations

Policy Owner: Transportation & Parking Services
Effective Date: 7/11/00

  2. $12: Improper display of permit

    $25: Violation of rules and regulations such as not displaying a valid permit, parking overtime in a space with a time limit, parking outside of a marked space, parking in a reserved space, displaying an expired permit, or not parking head-in.

    $30: Safety violations such as parking in a red zone, fire lane, bike lane, walkway, or blocking other vehicles and removal of an immobilization (booting) device.

    $200: Displaying an altered, unauthorized, lost or stolen permit. Only permits obtained through the proper application process are valid. Falsification of information, permit transfer, alteration, unauthorized possession, procurement, or use of a permit and similar violations will result in the following:

    • The normal monthly parking fee associated with the permit will be charged for the period of validity. For example, an altered permit that is confiscated in January of 2000 that was originally valid from September 22nd would be charge $68 (9/22 to 1/30) in addition the $200 fine.
    • Vehicle will be immobilized (booted) resulting in a booting fee of $30 and possible suspension of parking privileges at UCR.
    • In addition, anyone in possession of an unauthorized permit could be liable for criminal charges (fraud) in accordance with California Penal Code 488 or 596 (Petty Theft or Receiving and/or Possession of Stolen Properties).
    • A lost or stolen permit is a permit that has been reported by the original purchaser as lost, stolen, missing, or destroyed. Any permit with change to the shape, color, working, design, or designation is an altered permit. The production or reproduction of a permit is classified as a counterfeit permit.

    $325: Parking in a handicap space without a valid UCR handicap permit or a state disability placard. Vehicles will be subject to towing under CVC Section 22511.8.

    A penalty equal to the amount of the citation, with a maximum of $50.00, will be added to the original citation amount if the citation is not paid with 21 calendar days of issuance.

  4. Citations are delinquent when remaining unpaid 21 days after issuance. Vehicles with five or more unpaid delinquent citations or previously booted are subject to impoundment at the owner’s expense under the authority of the California Vehicle Coed, Section 226151(i). Parked, abandoned, or disabled vehicles creating a safety hazard or restricting access may be towed.

    Vehicles will be immobilized (booted) after five unpaid citations or when displaying an altered, lost or stolen permit.
    A $30 fee will be charged to remove the boot.
    Any damage to an immobilization (booting) device shall make the offender liable for the destruction of University property.
    Vehicles remaining immobilized for 24 hours, without receipt of payment in full, will be towed at owner’s expense.

    Personal Checks will not be accepted as payment for immobilized or towed vehicles.

  6. Citations remaining unpaid 21 days after issuance are automatically placed on DMV registration hold. This restricts your ability to register your car until all citations are paid.

    Students electing to pay for citations via their student billing accounts (sundry debtor) must request this at the Parking office. You will be assessed an administrative fee by Student Business Services on each monthly billing cycle.

  8. The University of California is authorized to enforce parking regulations and issue citations for violations by California Vehicle Code 21113a.

    Initial Appeal: An appeal may be sent via e-mail to citereview@parking.ucr.edu. In addition, written appeal forms are available at the Parking office and the Parking office and Information Kiosks. Approximately 14 to 21 days after filing an appeal, a letter of disposition will be mailed to the address provided. If you feel uncomfortable appealing a citation in writing, a meeting may be arranged with the appeals officer. Verbal appeals are held on Wednesday’s from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. If you disagree with the outcome of the Initial Review, you may further contest a parking violation through an Administrative Hearing Officer.

    Administrative Hearing: The Administrative Hearing is a legal process. The Hearing Officer is not a university employee and the university does not control the process. When scheduling an Administrative Hearing at the Parking office, you will be asked to pay the citation amount in advance of the Hearing, as stated under the California Vehicle Code #40215.

    Municipal Court: If an individual is not satisfied with the results of the Administrative Hearing, a Notice of Appeal may be filed with the Western Riverside County Municipal Court.