UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 450-22

Key Issue and Control

Policy Owner: Physical Plant
Effective Date: 9/15/94

  2. This section outlines the policy and procedures for the issuance and control of keys for campus facilities, except for the Canyon Crest Student Housing, Bannockburn, and Student Residence Halls. The heads of these units are responsible for maintaining separate key control systems for facilities under their jurisdiction; housing administration is responsible for key control for student housing.

  4. It is the intent of this policy to:

    1. Insure positive control of keys to the maximum extent possible;
    2. Issue keys on the basis of need to have access to the area or areas controlled by that key;
    3. Retrieve keys from faculty, staff and students who are terminating or transferring to another department or activity;
    4. Restrict keys issued for tighter security control; and,
    5. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records regarding the use of those keys.

    1. Grand Master Key (Operates all locks within one building.): Physical Plant Custodial and Maintenance Staff on a daily basis only; Department Heads for those buildings which are wholly under their jurisdiction.
    2. Master Key (Operates one group of locks within a building.): Department Heads for those areas which are under their jurisdiction.
    3. Change Key (Operates one lock, or two or more locks keyed alike, within a building.): Employee (faculty and staff), upon approval of Department Head or designated Manager.
    4. Building Entrance Key (Also a change Key): Employees who must work other than normally scheduled hours may be issued a building entrance key, upon authorization of the Department Head or Manager.
    5. Keys for Students: Upon approval of Department Head or designated Manager.

    1. The Department Head, or his/her designee, may request keys from Physical Plant.
    2. The Department Head, or his/her designee, may issue keys to employees and students, but must obtain the signature of the employee or student on a Key Issue/Return Form at the time the key is issued.
    3. An evaluation will be made on the potential impact of key losses on building security to include recommend changes where security is affected.

  8. Academic and Staff Employees:

    1. Departments will be fully responsible for retrieving keys issued to employees. A Key Issue/Return Form will be prepared by the department for all termination's or transfers of employees and submitted with the payroll forms to the appropriate personnel office. Paychecks may be withheld until all keys are returned. A sample Key Issue/Return Form can be seen in the paper copy of the Policies and Procedures Manual.


    1. If keys or materials cannot be retrieved from a student, the department will inform the campus Cashier in writing so that the release of transcripts can be delayed until satisfactory arrangements have been made for the return of the keys and/or materials. The department shall notify the Cashier in writing when the obligation has been settled.
    2. All outdated/obsolete University keys are to be returned to the Physical Plant Lock Shop for disposal.

    1. Keys that have not been issued must be stored in a locked receptacle kept in a properly secured area.
    2. Individuals must report loss or theft to their Department Head as soon as possible. The Department Head shall then immediately report the lost or stolen keys to Public Safety and to the Physical Plant Lock Shop.
    3. All University Building keys will be serialized by the Lock Shop.

    1. Departments shall maintain accurate records of all keys assigned to the department, including names of individuals to whom keys are issued and dates of issue and return or loss.
    2. When departments vacate assigned space, keys will be returned to the Physical Plant Lock Shop.

    1. Request for keys are submitted on a Construction and Repair Requisition Form (C&R). Include the key number and quantity requested.
    2. Departments shall designate a responsible person for key requisitions/request with the Physical Plant Lock Shop.
    3. A normal processing period of 48 hours will be allowed after receipt of the C&R before a key may be picked up.
    4. Physical Plant will call when key orders are completed. Departments must sign for keys on a Key Issue/Return Form at the Physical Plant Service Desk.
    5. Request for special security locks and keys must be accompanied by a written justification to the Director, Physical Plant.