UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 450-16

Building & Construction & Alterations

Policy Owner: Planning, Design, & Construction
Effective Date: 9/15/95

    1. The construction of new facilities or the extensive alterations and remodeling to existing facilities will be accomplished only by the Office of Planning, Design and Construction (PD&C). Professional architectural and engineering services for the planning, designing, preparation of plans and specifications for competitive bidding, and construction inspection will be provided to all campus departments. Departments or individuals considering such work should enlist the assistance of PD&C as early as possible to facilitate the timely completion of all phases of the project.
    2. Requests for alterations of a very minor nature such as the addition to or modification of existing cabinets, installation of departmental equipment, minor remodeling, etc., should be sent directly to Physical Plant for action. All work to be undertaken by Physical Plant will require approval by PD&C prior to action. Alteration work accomplished under the direction of Physical Plant can be performed by "in-house" Physical Plant employees (limit of $20,000, except painting which is limited to $10,000) or by an "outside" contractor on a Brief Form Contract (limit $50,000) administered by Physical Plant. The choice - in-house or contract - is the requesting department's. If the department has a question whether the contemplated work is o f the type to be accomplished through PD&C or Physical Plant, contact PD&C for clarification and direction.

  3. The State Budget Act specifies that state funds appropriated for current operating costs (19900 funds) may not be encumbered or expended for any construction or alteration project costing $35,000 or more.

  5. It is the policy of the University to accomplish new construction of structures and systems by placing such work under contract in the most economical manner to qualified outside firms, carefully supervising the work. However, certain types of minor alteration work is considered "maintenance work" and may be accomplished by Physical Plant. In considering the two alternatives, PD&C will use the following guidelines:

    1. New construction of structures and systems costing less than $20,000 which would require additional employees may be placed under contract or performed by temporary employees hired for a period not to exceed six months. Such temporary employees may be paid wage rates based on construction industry rates.
    2. New construction of structures and systems costing in excess of $20,000 shall be placed under contract.
    3. Additions to, deletions, and modifications of existing structures and systems costing $20,000 or less may be performed by PD&C or Physical Plant. If performed by Physical Plant, it is assumed that no additional University employees will be necessary to accomplish the work.
    4. New construction or experimental and diagnostic equipment with an unlimited cost may be performed by PD&C or, if approved by the Chancellor, by regular University employees if no additions to staff are required. Pay shall be at maintenance rates.
    5. In the case of an emergency, when structures are damaged by an Act of God, earthquake, flood, storm, fire, landslide, public disturbance, vandalism or failure, and repair or remedial work is required immediately and is necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare, repair or remedial work of unlimited cost may be done by time and materials, by contract upon informal bids, by day labor under direction of the Chancellor, or by University employees, or a combination thereof.
    6. This policy is intended to affect only the decision as to whether work should be accomplished by competitive bidding and awarded to an outside contractor, or performed with in-house forces, and should not be construed as approval of any project which is not included in the approved University of California Capital Outlay Program.

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