UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 425-45

Hazard Communication Program

Policy Owner: Environmental Health & Safety
Effective Date: 1/15/94

    1. Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Section 5194
    2. UCR Hazard Communication Program, available from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety

  3. This policy applies to all activities under the auspices of the University of California, Riverside, which may expose employees and/or students to hazardous substances. This policy does not apply to hazardous substances used in laboratories in compliance with the UCR or departmental Chemical Hygiene Plans.

    The purpose of this policy is to establish provisions to inform employees and students of the hazards of the substances they work with and the measures to protect themselves from adverse exposure to these substances. To achieve this purpose a Campus Hazard Communication Program is developed.

    Each department will obtain a copy of the campus Hazard Communication Program and attach a list of hazardous materials used by the department in accordance with section 7 of the campus Hazard Communication Program. Documentation of Hazard Communication training will be maintained by each department in accordance with the Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

  5. Department chairpersons, unit managers, principal investigators and line supervisors are responsible for assuring departmental compliance and insuring all non-laboratory employees are trained of the hazards of the chemicals encountered in their work.

    The Environmental Health and Safety Office will monitor University compliance with the Hazard Communication Program, maintain a central Material Safety Data Sheet repository, and provide technical assistance to departments in their administration of this program.