UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 425-30

Fire Prevention Systems - Impairment in Campus Facilities

Policy Owner: Environmental Health & Safety
Effective Date: 2/18/92

    1. Title 19, California Code of Regulations, Section 1.14
    2. Title 19, California Code of Regulations, Section 3.25
    3. Title 19, California Code of Regulations, Section 1.09
    4. Uniform Fire Code, 1988 Edition, Section 10.302, et.al.
    5. NFPA Standard 1, 1987 Edition, Section 3-1.1.7
    6. NFPA Standard 101, 1991 Edition, Section 31-1, et.al.

  3. Facilities exist within Campus owned properties that are provided with a means of fire protection such as, but not limited to fire hydrants, fire sprinkler systems, fire standpipe systems, dry/wet chemical extinguishing systems, carbon dioxide systems, halon systems, fire alarm systems.

    Maintaining such systems in an operative conditions at all times is established by statute and allowing such protection to be interrupted or diminished is a violation of law.

    Significant ongoing alterations to existing facilities, and the proposed new construction, malfunctions, and emergency incidents may result in short or long term interruption(s) to such systems, thus a policy for addressing such impairment to systems is established.

  5. It is the policy of the university to maintain a safe and healthful environment as is reasonably feasible for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors and to protect Campus properties and assets. This Campus shall comply with existing and future State regulations, to minimize impairments or interruptions to fire protection systems. When impairments to any fire protection equipment are required they shall conducted in accordance with the procedures of this policy.

    1. EH&S Notification
    2. When a system impairment is required, the party initiating the interruption shall be responsible for all notifications and subsequent restoral of full protection. Reasonable efforts shall be made to restore protection at the end of each work day.

      Advanced notification seventy two (72) hours of scheduled impairments shall be made to the Campus Fire Marshal at the Office of Environmental Health & Safety prior to any interruption. Notification shall include a completed copy of the Impairment Notification Form as shown within attached sample. Such completed form shall be completed and submitted to EH&S seventy two (72) hours prior to system/equipment interruption. Copies shall be distributed to appropriate departments as specified on the form.

    3. Emergency of After Hours Notification
    4. Notification of system impairments during non-business hours, or impairment conditions arising from emergencies shall be made to the Campus Police Department.

    5. Required Information
    6. Notification shall include the type of system being impaired, the location of the impairment, time of shut down, estimate of time for restoral, who is responsible, contact phone, reason for system shut impairment. All notifications shall be documented in an approved manner.

    7. Status Reports
    8. The responsible party shall provide status reports of the system impairment to the Campus Fire Marshal as necessary until the impaired system is fully restored.

    9. Fire Watch Activities
    10. At the direction of the Campus Fire Marshal, in consultation with the EH&S Director, and Administration Officials, impairments of a high risk nature may result in interim fire watch provisions being implemented for the impacted facility. All Campus Departments shall cooperate in the establishment of such fire watch provisions as necessary.