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Campus Policy Number: 350-78

Telephone Calling Cards

Policy Owner: Communications
Effective Date: 9/15/95

  2. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the use of UC-issued telephone calling cards by designated University employees.

    Telephone calling cards are issued by a telephone company through the campus Communications Office to specific employees who have a need to make work-related long distance calls while off campus or local calls from pay phones. Using the calling card allows the call costs to be charged directly to the University.

    Authority to distribute calling cards rests with the department head and may not be redelegated. A calling card may only be issued to a specific employee. The card calls must be billed to a specific recording number.

    Employees are responsible for funding telephone calls from their residence to their place of employment.

    Use of a University calling card to place personal calls is prohibited. However, when an employee is away on University business, one call per day to home or other local calling area number is permitted to be charged to a University telephone or calling card.

    The use of these cards needs to be closely monitored because calls placed using this method are relatively expensive (vis-a- vis direct calls), the calls are automatically charged to the University, and therefore potential for misuse exists.

    1. Requesting Telephone Calling Cards
    2. A request for a telephone calling card is made by sending a completed Telephone Order Form to Communications. The form requires the Department chairman's signature. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for the processing of the card. For more information, contact Communications, Ext. 3900.

    3. Managing Issued Cards
    4. It is recommended that departments keep the listing of all calling cards issued to their department employees and verify once a year that all users are authorized and current members of the department.

      Calling card charges appear on the monthly Telephone Toll Listing and DEX. These charges should be reviewed by the department and the card holder to verify that all charges are correct and related to University business.

      Departments must notify Communications immediately whenever a calling card is lost, misuse is suspected, or the employee is no longer associated with the department. The department will be responsible for all calls made from the card until it is canceled.