UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 350-76

Publications (Artwork, Design, and Production Services)

Policy Owner: University Relations
Effective Date: 9/15/94

  2. The UCR Graphic Standards Manual directs that the UCR Publications Office provide guidance toward the development of a consistent institutional identity; and to ensure quality control, cost economies and legalities.

    In an effort to ensure compliance the UCR Publications Office is charge with the approval of all printed publications that are distributed off campus - even if the publications staff does not work on the project. This approval applies to both new and reprinted publications.

    A free copy of the UCR Graphic Standards Manual can be obtained by contacting UCR Publications, B150 Hinderaker Hall, x5187.

  4. The UCR Publications Office provides a complete professional publications service to the University community at a yearly established recharge rate. UCR Publications coordinates the production of all types of projects from the UCR General Catalog to simple quick-copy flyers. Services provided include:

    • Creative graphic design and electronic mechanical formatting
    • Free consultation
    • Free editorial support
    • Written estimates and competitive pricing
    • Desktop publishing and pre-press support
    • Quality support and printing coordination
    • Timely completion of projects

    1. Free Consultation
    2. Call x5187 and make an appointment with UCR Publications for a free consultation concerning your printed publication. This includes project planning, budgeting and scheduling.

    3. Free Estimates
    4. UCR Publications will provide written estimates whenever they are requested. Estimates will be based on firm job specifications developed during the planning, budgeting and scheduling of your project. Work will not begin on your project until the department has approved a written estimate that UCR Publications will coordinate with Printing & Reprographics and UCR Media Resources.

    5. Interdepartmental Estimate Responsibility:
    6. Printing & Reprographics. UCR Publication's sole printing vendor is P&R. See UCR P&P Manual (policies 350-56 & 350-60) which outline how P&R provides printing estimates.

      UCR Media Resources. Our recommended photography vendor is Photographic Services. They provide written estimates to UCR Publications based on the needs of the project as discussed with the requesting department.

      UCR Publications. Creative design and production artwork estimates are provided by UCR Publications. UCR Publications will coordinate competitive bidding on projects are requested by departments. Each vendor, including UCR Publications, will bid from the same specifications. UCR Publications must approve creative design and production artwork by external vendors to assure adherence to UCR Graphic Standards Manual guidelines. There is a charge for this service - eight percent of the billed amount.

    7. Artwork Production
    8. When the department approves a cost estimate, a UCR Publications staff member is assigned to the project. At this time the requesting department is required to provide UCR Publications with the appropriate P&R work order form and a recharge card (for UCR Publications). If photography is required, the requesting department will be billed through Media Resources.

      This begins the production process which UCR Publications will coordinate. The requesting department will be responsible for approving preliminary designs, approving typeset copy proofs and approving printer's proofs. Please call UCR Publications (x5187) to receive a free copy of the UCR Publications Process that outlines in more detail all phases of the publications process.

    9. Billing
    10. UCR Publication's estimate form clearly delineates which recharge department will bill for the specific service provided. The breakdown appears under cost estimate as follows:

      Printing P&R
      Typesetting "
      Separations "
      Artwork UCR Publications
      Photography Media Resources

      Each service department will bill separately, for work performed, based on yearly established recharge rates.

  6. Use of the University seal on your publication must be for an official University purpose in connection with alumni, student, or public project. The unofficial seal must be used and the final decision on authorized use is at the discretion of the Chancellor. At UCR, the Chancellor has delegated approval, for authorized use, to the Director of University Relations.

    To obtain a camera-ready or laser copy of the unofficial seal please contact UCR Publications Office, B150 Hinderaker Hall, x5187.

  8. Careful consideration has been taken in the design of the UCR logo or signature and it must not be altered in any way.

    The two approved versions of the logo are shown in the paper copy of the UCR Policies & Procedures Manual (each department office should have one).

    With proper and regular use they communicate a consistent unified image of the University. Standards governing the use of the logo specify approved sizes, ink colors and placement. Camera-ready copies of the approved UCR logo can be obtained from UCR Publications.