UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 350-64

Printing - Preparation of Copy and Originals 
Policy Owner:  Printing and Reprographics
Effective Date:  4/10/2002

~ Photo Offset

Photo offset is recommended for more than 2,000 copies, and is the only method of master preparation for color, halftone and high quality printing. It is also recommended for printing jobs which will be rerun frequently, contain critical art work, or require large ink solids.

Electronic submission of your file is the preferred method for obtaining the highest quality results. Files can be delivered to us on a floppy or Zip disk, sent to a campus electronic "drop box," or attached to an e-mail to our Pre-Press department.

If you are providing us hard copy, clean, white bond or illustration board should be used. For preparation of multiple ink color runs, contact Printing & Reprographics (P&R) before preparing your art. Do not prepare the copy on colored paper, since that reproduces poorly during our Pre-Press processes; prepare it on white paper instead. Your text should be clear and sharp; black india ink should be used for drawings and line work. Photographs can be reproduced by the halftone process; however, the quality of the photograph will determine the quality of the reproduced halftone. Copy may be enlarged or reduced.

~ Quick Copy Originals

The best results for your xeroxing orders are achieved by attaching your file to the work order.

If you are providing us with paper originals, clean white bond printed on a good quality laser or deskjet printer works the best. Originals that are on colored paper will reproduce poorly, or if submitted on cover weight stock will need not feed properly through the automated document feeder on our production copiers.

Leave 1/4" minimum margins on all sides of your original, since our copiers are not capable of printing "edge to edge." Drawings should be in black ink for drawings and line work; pencil and certain ink colors do not reproduce well. If future runs are anticipated, retain any hard copy originals for submission on reorders; otherwise subsequent copies will degenerate in quality.

~ Color Xerox Copies

Printing & Reprographics has a Xerox Docucolor 260 color copier which is located in our temporary administrative center just across from the new Commons ("The HUB"), in front of the Pierce Building. This machine can copy from either a flat supplied original, sent as an attachment to a work order, or from a flash drive brought into the office. Three copy sizes are available: 8-1/2" x 11," 8-1/2" x 14" and 11" x 17" copies on three weights of high quality "Expressions" paper: 24 lb and 32 lb text, and 65lb cover. We can also produce 8-1/2" x 11" color transparencies. This machine is designed for short runs, and is most often used to produce limited copies (under 200) of photographs, small posters, two-sided flyers, color transparencies, color architectural drawings, maps and color proofs.