UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy 350-56

Use of Printing Services and Submitting Requests for Services
Policy Owner:  Printing & Reprographics
Effective Date:  04/01/2002
  1. Potential Customers
    The services of Printing & Reprographics (P&R) are available to:
    1. Campus departments on a recharge basis
    2. Faculty or staff on a sundry debtor or cash basis
    3. Students on a cash basis
    4. University affiliates on a sundry debtor or cash basis
    5. Other not-for-profit organizations on a sundry debtor or cash basis. Materials to be printed must be consistent with University policies, and must not be of a commercial nature. Any materials that appear questionable will be referred to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for review prior to printing. The Printing Administrative center is located across from the Highlander Union Building ("HUB"), in front of Pierce Hall.  
  2. Retirement Announcements
    Departments may use the services of Printing & Reprographics and Mail Services to announce the imminent retirement of their employees. These announcements may include notification of an intended social gathering and gift, however, direct solicitation for money may not be made via the announcement. The announcement may include the name of the person(s) to be contacted for making such arrangements. The announcement may be posted when appropriate.
  3. General Interest Publications
    Departments issuing general interest publications may use the services of P&R and the campus mail, provided the publications are included in mailing lists A or E (refer to UCR P&P Policy 350-20).
  4. Registered Student Organizations
    Registered student organizations may use the services of P&R for items related to their official "Statement of Purpose" which do not defame an individual or group or do not present a clear and present danger to the orderly operation of the campus. Any prohibition of use of P&R on these grounds will initially be decided by the Student Life Office, and may be appealed to the Campus Board of Review for recommendation to the Chancellor. Requests must bear authorized signatures from the Student Life Office certifying payment. Billing will be done cumulatively on a monthly basis via Sundry Debtor.
  5. Commercial Materials
    Commercial materials intended to result in personal or organizational gain, solicitations for contributions, or the sale of materials or services may not be printed or distributed on campus.
  6. Exceptions
    Exceptions to items III and V above may be made only upon the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Business Operations.   Following is the process for approval.
    1. A sample of the material to be printed and distributed must be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Operations with an accompanying letter stating the reason for the request. The letter should include the distribution date and distribution list (lf special, include the number of copies and level of distribution). Completed recharge forms should also be included for both P&R and Mail Services.
    2. Upon approval, a copy of the sample material will be forwarded to P&R and Mail Services with the appropriate recharge forms attached. These recharges will bear an approval signature for the exception to policy. The requesting department will be notified that the material has been forwarded to P&R.
    3. Material approved for repetitive printing and distribution will be included in the appropriate mailing list.
  7. Submitting Requests for Printing Services
    All requests for services should be submitted on the appropriate Printing & Reprographics Work Order form. This process is completed online at our web site which is accessible through R-Space: http://rspace.ucr.edu. Print out a copy of your work order and either put it in the campus mail addressed to "Printing Dept." or walk it over to our Printing administrative center across from the new Commons ("The HUB"), in front of the Pierce Building. Attach a sample, rough layout, camera-ready copy, xeroxed original, prepared masters or any visual aid that will enable us to print, collate, fold or otherwise finish your order satisfactorily. A different work order should be typed and submitted for different pieces to your order, such as letterhead for one order and envelopes for another.
    1. Quick Copy Requests
      A Quick Copy request form, which is also typed online at our P&R website, is used when less than 2,000 copies are needed. Copies are Xeroxed, and are available only in black ink on 8 l/2" x l l", 8 l/2" x 14", or l l " x 17" paper. Paper selections are limited to the designated Quick Copy papers. A sample book of papers can be obtained from Printing & Reprographics.
    2. Printing Work Orders
      Printing Work Order forms are to be completed for all work other than Quick Copy. This includes work intended for off-campus printing. Contact P&R for further details.
    3. Sundry Debtor/ Cash Jobs
      If an organization is to be billed through Sundry Debtor billing, it is necessary to have a work order bearing an authorized signature accompany the job. Our Front Counter staff can write up your order, which also requires a billing address. Sundry Debtor jobs will be billed on a monthly basis.
      Jobs produced on a cash basis require payment in advance of printing.
    4. Quotations
      Quotations on printing jobs may be obtained by calling Printing & Reprographics, extension 24443 or 24444. To provide you with an approximate estimate, P&R must know the kind and color of paper stock, ink colors, finished size, quantity, number of pages, binding process, and time allowance.