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Campus Policy Number: 350-44

Media Services (Requests for Services)

Policy Owner: Media Resources
Effective Date: 1/15/94

    1. Media Services provides delivery and pickup of audio/visual equipment for regularly scheduled academic classes without charge. This service and other services are also available to campus departments on a recharge basis. If equipment is available and the request is not in conflict with a request from a campus department, services to University affiliates and other not-for-profit organizations can be provided on a sundry debtor or cash basis. Equipment cannot be issued to individuals.
    2. All other services are provided on a recharge, sundry debtor or cash basis and include operator assistance in use of equipment and video or audio recording of classes or events. Training in operation of equipment is available; however, public address systems and the video projection units will not be released for use without operator assistance. Departments will be recharged for the operators' time. An exception to recharging for operator assistance of equipment is made for regularly scheduled academic classes in the following rooms: Life Sciences 1500, Humanities 400, Olmsted 1212, Olmsted 1208, Statistics B650, Physics 2000, and Watkins 1000.

      Basic AV equipment is being permanently installed in locked cabinets in classrooms on a funds-available basis. This equipment will include an overhead projector, a 35 mm slide projector, and a VCR player with a monitor. Faculty can check out a key to the cabinet each quarter that AV equipment will be used.

      The equipment available may not be used in any way to malign or negatively affect the University of California. The department or organization using equipment is responsible for safekeeping of equipment and will be held financially responsible for loss or damage.

    1. All requests should be submitted on the Media Services Request Form available through the Storehouse. Requests must be received three business days prior to the date of the event to allow time to schedule equipment and operators. The back of the form lists types of equipment available.
    2. Information on the front of the form asks for level of service desired as follows:

      A request for "Equipment Only" on the Media Services Request Form indicates that someone from the requesting department will pick up and return the equipment and accept responsibility for safekeeping of equipment. Replacement or repair costs will be incurred for lost or damaged equipment. Departments will be charged for the operator's time to pick up abandoned equipment.

      "Delivery/Pickup" service includes delivery and set up of equipment to be picked up after event by Media Services staff. Training in equipment operation is available.

      By checking "Operator" on the form, the user is asking for the equipment to be delivered, set up and operated by Media Services staff.

      Changes or cancellations are requested in writing. Last minute cancellations can be telephoned. If equipment is delivered to a classroom without notice of cancellation, a charge of $10.00 is assessed.

    3. Each classroom with a cabinet containing equipment permanently installed has a key unique to that cabinet. Faculty may contact Media Resources directly to check out keys on a quarterly basis; keys will not be sent through campus mail. Keys are requested to be returned at the end of each quarter. The agreement for use of each key can be renewed quarterly. Faculty are held responsible for securing equipment when not in use. Media Services staff will perform routine maintenance on a weekly basis, but should be contacted immediately if equipment is not working or is missing.