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Campus Policy Number: 350-14

Letterhead -- Use of Official University of California, Riverside Letterhead

Policy Owner: Chancellor's Office
Effective Date:9/15/95

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the permissible uses, as well as restrictions, for the use of University letterhead.

Official University stationery shall be used only to conduct official University business. This policy is supported by: (1) University policy and Section 92000 of the State Education Code on the Use of the University's name and (2) University policy on use of the unofficial University seal, on restrictions on the use of University resources for political activities and on relations of University employees with State and Federal officials.

University letterhead shall not be used for personal purposes or for business or political endorsements. For faculty, the Faculty Code of Conduct contains these general principles: the University name cannot be used to "imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that any (business) organization is connected or affiliated with, or is endorsed, favored or supported by...The University of California;" it states that a University employee may use the name of the University to accurately state his relationship with the University,"... except in those circumstances in which such identification might reasonably be construed as implying the support, endorsement, advancement... of a non-University activity."

Employees are responsible for issuing an appropriate disclaimer, concurrent with the use of the University's names or campus names, declaring in substance that the University is not involved in a particular product, activity or program, in those circumstances where a statement of the employee's University relationship might be construed as implying University's endorsement, advancement, support or opposition to any movement, activity or program. Employees should consult with the appropriate Vice Chancellor if any doubt exists regarding the requirement for a disclaimer.


University's names: "University of California," the abbreviation "UC,"and any other name or abbreviation that has Universitywide application or is a concern to more than one campus.

Campus names: "University of California, Riverside," abbreviations (e.g., UCR) or any other name of which said designations or abbreviations are a part.


State of California Education Code, Section 92000

Policy to Permit Use of the University's Name

Policy to Permit Use of the Unofficial Seal

Policy on Restrictions on the Use of University Resources and

Facilities for Political Activities 9/18/70

Faculty Code of Conduct