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Campus Policy Number: 350-08

Information Services (Press Releases, Publicity, Advertising)

Policy Owner:University Relations
Effective Date: 6/1/83

The Press Office functions as a liaison between the print and broadcast news media and the UCR campus. Its professional staff writes and distributes news releases about campus events, people and activities, emphasizing programs of immediate public interest (performing arts, athletics, lectures and conferences, exhibitions, etc.) and research. It offers advice and counsel to campus representatives who will be appearing in media interviews, and arranges such interview as requested. Any recognized UCR office, program or organization can utilize the service of the Public Information Office.

  2. Publicity requests should follow these guidelines:

    1. Contact the Public Information Office at least two weeks in advance of an event for notice in newspapers; at least two months in advance for notice in magazines; and at least one week in advance for TV or radio coverage.
    2. Office personnel will prepare journalistically acceptable press releases and public service announcements and will interview the client, if necessary. Initial data about the event or activity should include who (the sponsor), what (the event), when, where, why (the purpose) and, if applicable, how much. Typewritten fact sheets are preferable.
    3. A draft of the story/announcement will be returned to the client for review and verification. A signed, approved copy should be forwarded quickly to the Public Information Office.
    4. The Office will determine the most appropriate media for distribution and will mail accordingly. It cannot, however, guarantee usage by any newspaper or broadcast station.
    5. Clients are encouraged to prepare their own press releases for editing and distribution by the Public Information Office. An outline of procedures can be found in the "information Service" booklet available at no charge through the Public Information Office, B150 Hinderaker Hall.

      The office can also service as a liaison between the campus and advertising agencies, although direct contact between medium and client is encouraged. All funding for advertising purposes must derive from the sponsoring office, department or program. Review of proposed advertising copy by the Public Information Office is advised.

  4. The Public Information Office, in conjunction with the Publications Office, produces UCR's primary external communications vehicles, which circulate to alumni, donors, friends, faculty and staff.

    At UCR, an alumni newsletter, is published in February, April, August, and October. Items for inclusion in At UCR should be submitted to the Public Information Office no later than the first working day of the month prior to publication.

    The UCR Magazine is produced in June and December and has a limited circulation for the campus' most influential constituents. Story ideas should be submitted to the Public Information Office at least two months prior to publication.

  6. The above publications and programs are developed and distributed by the Communications and Public Affairs Office of the University of California in Berkeley. The UCR Public Information Office serves as the conduit for material from Riverside to appear in those publications and programs.

    Approximate lead times for material to be included in those vehicles is as follows: UC Clip Sheet, three weeks; University Bulletin, three weeks; Cal Notes, one month; Science Editor, two months; and University Explorer, two months. The items should be typewritten and submitted to the Public information Office for preparation in the appropriate format and forwarding to the editors and producers in Berkeley.

  8. This listing of campus events circulates weekly to all faculty and staff on campus. Items for listing should be submitted to the Public Information Office no later than Monday at 5:00pm prior to the week in which the event takes place. Calendar forms are available through the office. Information should be typewritten, if possible, and should include time, date, place, cost (if any), sponsoring agency and phone number of contact person.

  10. The Public Information Office maintains a listing of faculty and staff who have offered to speak to community and professional groups. All employees of the University are eligible to be part of the Speakers Bureau. A brochure of topics and speaking titles is available at no charge through the office.

    Persons and organizations wishing to schedule a UCR speaker must contact the Public Information Office at least three weeks prior to the desired speaking date. The office will then contact the requested speaker and, if appropriate, facilitate the contact between speaker and agency.

  12. The Public Information Office produces a limited number of general information publications for external use, and it provides selected editing assistance on brochure copy generated by campus clients. It also maintains a selection of UCR campus photographs, for use in brochures and other publications for a slight fee to the sponsoring office or program. A client can contract with a photographer in the Public Information Office for limited photographic services at the rate of $22.50 per hour, plus film and processing costs.