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Campus Policy Number: 300-62

Planning, Design, & Construction - Role of/in Campus Planning Efforts

Policy Owner: Planning, Design, & Construction
Effective Date:9/15/94

Areas of responsibility for the Office of Planning, Design & Construction include:

  1. Land Use Planning/Physical and Environmental Planning/Urban Design
    • Long Range Development Plan (LRDP)
    • LRDP amendments
    • Environmental impact analysis
    • Mitigation Monitoring Plan: Office of record for LRDP EIR mitigation measures and all subsequent project-specific mitigation measures
    • Precinct/specific plans
    • Landscape/open space plans
    • Site selection and analysis
    • Visual impact/massing studies
    • Roadway/parking plans
    • Infrastructure mapping
    • Urban design guidelines and modelling

  2. Capital Improvement Planning
    • Major Capital Improvement Five Year Program (State and Non-State Funded)
    • Minor Capital Improvement Program
    • New project conceptual development/identification of facility need
    • Predesign: Standard studies and analyses, e.g., space programs, utility/engineering studies
    • Predesign: Optional support studies, e.g., value engineering study, building massing, project program verification
    • Capital project summaries
    • Project planning guides (PPG)
    • Detailed project programs (DPP)
    • Equipment lists
    • Regents agenda and administrative items related to facilities and capital improvement
    • Responses to SCOPE visits
    • Amendments to the capital program
    • Prefunding requests
    • Design review: program versus design reconciliation

  3. Campus Space Planning
    • Campus Space Plan
    • Long range capital needs analysis
    • Development plans (recreation, housing, libraries, classrooms, parking and transportation, infrastructure, media resources, support services, vivar-ia/greenhouses, cultural facilities, commercial/retail, student services)
    • Growth modelling and future space simulations
    • Program change tracking and academic plan analysis

  4. Community Planning
    • Planning liaison with external groups and governmental agencies (neighborhood associations, city/county/state planning departments, redevelopment agencies, city council, board of supervisors)
    • University representation on external planning-related committees
    • Monitoring of community planning activities which may affect University interests.