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Campus Policy Number: 300-30

Institutional Planning & Analysis -- Role of

Policy Owner: Institutional Planning & Analysis
Effective Date:1/1/92

The Office of Institutional Planning & Analysis is a service and support office which reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Administration. The office is divided in to two major functional areas. Institutional Research and Analysis and Space Analysis and Management. Each of the two functional areas has several specific duties and responsibilities assigned to it, and these duties are performed on a recurring or ad hoc basis. The office serves a large and far reaching constituency; however, its primary constituents are the campus administration and the Office of the President. Listed below are some examples of the typical duties performed by each of the functional areas.

Institutional Research & Analysis

  • Produce student headcount enrollment projections and student, faculty, and teaching assistant FTE workload projections with differing levels of detail and for differing periods of time;
  • Provide numerous reports, e.g., third week statistics, required by the Office of the President;
  • Produce a Fact Book annually for distribution to all campus departments;
  • Provide the data required for the annual Graduate Program Reviews, which typically number three to five a year;
  • Produce the campus Historical Statistics, which are used for resource allocation purposes;
  • Respond to and coordinate the completion of surveys for the campus.

Space Analysis and Management

  • Produce, each quarter, the four reports of CIRS (Course Information Reporting System) which are used for utilization analyses, enrollment projections, faculty workload calculations, the Space Analysis Tables, and various ad hoc requests;
  • Produce, each fall, the Space Analysis Tables which are used to support capital budget requests and which are required by the state;
  • Complete and submit to the Office of the President, each fall, a complete inventory (FDX) of campus facilities;
  • Provide space-related data to various offices on campus and assist them with analyses or projects;
  • Assist the Office of the President, on a on-going basis, with the implementation of new guidelines, standards, and systems.