UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Title:                Payment of Honorarium

Policy Number:          200-58

Responsible Officer:

Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Services and Controller

Responsible Office:

Business and Financial Services – Payroll Office

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



Guidance Concerning Payment of Honoraria


I.      Policy

UCR follows UCOP’s policy on Honorarium Payments.  Please refer to Disbursements: Honorarium Payments, D-371-35 for general and specific policy guidance, along with the procedures outlined below specific to UCR. The types of activities for which honorarium payments may be made are: 

A.    Honorarium

B.    Activities

C.    Eligibility

D.    Allowable Rates

E.    Payments Charged to Federal Funds 


     II.   UCR Campus Payment Procedures

Payments must be requested through Accounts Payable e-Pay system. Please provide the following information on the request:

  • Lecturer’s name
  • Home address
  • Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number
  • Lecture title
  • Date of lecture
  • If an alien (non-U.S. Citizen), provide country of residence and visa type
  • The Full Accounting Unit to be charged
  • Amount of honoraria
  • Appropriate Approval(s) per policy.

A.   Payments to Aliens (Non-Citizens)
Please see instructions at: 

B.   Check Distribution
Honorarium payments to non-UCR employees will be released to the payee only after the lecture is delivered. Checks will be mailed to the individual unless there are circumstances which require immediate payment. If immediate payment is required, a receipt with payee’s signature is required due to internal control requirements.

C.   Payment to UCR Employees
Honorarium payments to UCR employees whether on this campus or another University of California campus must be processed through payroll so taxes can be

         III.   Exceptions

Please refer to UCOP Policy D-371-35
Exceptions may be authorized in writing by the Chancellor or his or her designee. Any re-delegation of such authority by the Chancellor to a designee must be made in writing. At University of California, Riverside (UCR), the Chancellor has re-delegated this authority to the college Deans and Vice Chancellors for their respective organizational units (See the
Delegations of Authority webpage for a link to a searchable query on the campus’ current listing of re-delegations.).  

      IV.     References