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Policy Title:                   Interlocation Transfer of Funds

Policy Number:            200-54

Responsible Officer:

Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Services and  Controller

Responsible Office:

Business and Financial Services – Accounting Office

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



Guidance Concerning Federal Contracts & Grants

I.            Policy Summary

An Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF) is a budget transfer between UC campuses or between a campus and the University of California Office of the President (UCOP).


II.        Definitions

·         BFS:            Business and Financial Services

·         ITF:              Interlocation Transfer of Funds

·         SAA:            System Access Administrator

·         UCRFS:      University of California, Riverside Financial System

·         UCOP:        University of California Office of the President


III.        Policy Text

A.       General Information

An ITF is a budget transfer either between UC campuses or a campus and UCOP.  It is processed through the Interlocation Transfer of Funds System, a UCOP application.  This system enables users to create, modify, and submit an ITF to the system-wide budget office for approval.


The ITF journals are feeder (FDR00xxxxx) journals fed from UCOP to the campus' ledgers.  The ITF journals are received the first working day of the following month. For example, May 2017 ITF journals were received on June 1st and posted into May 2017 that night. The Source code is ITF.


B.       ITF Specifications

1.        State General Fund ITFs

Transfers of State General Funds are permitted between the same exact funds and functions. For example, a transfer from 19900-40 must go into 19900-40.

2.        ITFs to/from other Fund Sources

ITF transfers to and from other types of Fund sources, require like funds. The Fund the transfer is coming from must have the same Fund Group Code as the Fund the transfer is going to.  For example, a transfer of funds from UCOP Fund 69763 can be transferred into UCR Fund 69761 because these funds have the same Fund Group Code.  Even though the Fund numbers do not match, the system-wide budget office approves the ITF because it is between funds with the same Fund Group Code.


IV.       Responsibilities

Business and Financial Services


V.         Form/Instructions

Interlocation Transfer of Funds Form is available on Accounting’s website under Forms/General Accounting


VI.     Contacts  











VII.      Revision History


·         Transfer of Funds – Effective 02/01/1983

·         Interlocation Transfer of Funds - Effective 07/01/2017