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 Policy Title:                        Recharges

 Policy Number:                  200-30

Responsible Officer:

Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Services and Controller

Responsible Office:

Business and Financial Services – Accounting Office

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


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Overview of Standard Recharges on Department Ledgers

 I.        Policy Summary

There are three types of standard recharges:  1) recharges processed through the Web Recharge System (Source Code = WRC); 2) service enterprise recharges such as Printing and Mail Services (Source Code = various); and 3) Inter-campus Order and/or Charges (Source Code = IRC). 

II.        Definitions

  • BFS – Business and Financial Services
  • SAA – System Access Administrator
  • UCRFS – University of California, Riverside Financial System
  • Recharge – Internal process that pays for goods or services provided by another UCR department or another UC campus.
  • Feeder journal – List of transactions from a specific sub-system

III.        Policy Text

A.   Web Recharge System

The Web Recharge System is a “one size fits all” application for campus service providers to recharge campus departments for services and products. Service Providers have the option of accepting requests from campus users or initiating requests on behalf of the department.

1.    Establishing a Web Recharge Service Provider

It is possible for departments to establish multiple service providers to differentiate services or products. The form to establish a Web Recharge for service provider is available on the Accounting website.

Establishing a Web Recharge Service Provider requires the establishment of a sales and service fund. For more information, visit UCR Policy 300-66 Sales and Service Activities.

2.    Access to the Web Recharge System

a.    Transactor Role

The Transactor role for the Web Recharge System is established by Department SAAs through the Enterprise Access Control System. This type of access allows department transactors to submit a request on the Web Recharge Service Providers that are set up to allow departments to submit a request. Transactors access the Web Recharge System through R’Space Authorized Applications.

b.    Service Provider Role

The Service Provider Role for a Web Recharge is established by the Accounting Office, who have already established a Transactor Role for the Web Recharge System. Service Provider Roles can be deleted and added as requested by the department SAAs. Requests should be sent to the General Accounting Supervisor. Individuals with the Service Provider Role have access to process service requests, bill for services, define/change services, update rates, and create templates. Service Providers access the Web Recharge System through R’Space Authorized Applications.

B.   Service Enterprise Recharges 

Various service enterprises are authorized to process recharges for services and products provided to departments through a feeder journal which is then fed into the UCRFS general ledger. The journal number on these feeder journals begin with FDR. Each service enterprise has a unique Source Code to differentiate recharges. For example, the Mail Services source code is MSV and the Printing source code is PNR.  A complete listing of Source Codes for feeder journals is available on the in Accounting website.

C.   Inter-campus Order and/or Charges (IOC)

Inter-campus recharges are transactions between two UC campuses or between a campus and the Office of the President. These transactions are primarily recharges for goods or services provided or for reimbursement of expenses. 

1.    Initiating IOCs

UC requires the campus receiving the credit to initiate the IOC to avoid duplicates and to ensure the IOC is not processed until the service is provided. To initiate an IOC, departments need to complete an Inter-campus Order/Charge form available on the Accounting website. There are detailed instructions on how to complete the form and how to send the completed form to Business and Financial Services (BFS). Initiating IOCs for goods or services provided to another UC campus must credit R99999, Rev-Recharge, and a Sales and Service FAU. Initiating IOCs for the reimbursement of an expense must credit the full FAU, including account number, of the expense as it appears on the department’s ledger. BFS records the journal entry for th intiating IOC using Source Code IRC.

2.    Responding IOCs

The other UC campuses and the UC Office of the President, send their initiating IOCs to BFS on a regular basis. BFS responds to the IOC by posting the charge to the UCR FAU referenced on the IOC. The journal entry uses Source Code IRC. 

IV.        Responsibilities 

Business and Financial Services 

V.         Forms/Instructions 

·         Web Recharge for service provider form

·         Web Recharge Service Provider overview pdf

o   Training:  An On Line Tutorial is available in the Web Recharge System.

·         Intercampus Order/Charge form and instructions 

VI.        Contacts  










VII.     Related Information

·      UCR Policy 300-66 Sales and Service Activities

·      UCRFS Source Codes 

VIII.     Revision History

·         DEXPAC System Recharge Instructions:  Effective (01/15/1994)

·         Web Recharge System:  Effective (06/01/2017)