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    Policy Title:           Cashiering -- Sub-Cashiering and Special Cashiering Station Operations

   Policy Number:     200-12

Responsible Officer:

Campus Cashier Coordinator/Director of Student Business Services--Main Cashiers Office

Responsible Office:

Student Business Services--Main Cashiers Office

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



Guidance for Proper Controls of Campus Cashiering Operations

 I.             Policy Summary

The responsibility for coordinating all cashiering operations on the campus, including Associated Student operations, is assigned to the Campus Cashier Coordinator (Director of Student Business Services) and the Assistant Campus Cashier Coordinator (Main Cashier's Office Manager).

II.            Policy Purpose

The Cashier's Office serves the campus needs for cashiering. When sending customers to the Cashier's Office to remit payment is not practical, consideration is given to departmental operation of a sub-cashiering station. However, operation of a departmental cashiering station does pose additional risk to the department, as collections can be misplaced, misused or mysteriously disappear. Proper controls must be in place to minimize these risks. Failure to adhere to established cashiering policies and procedures can result in removal of authority to operate a departmental sub-cashiering function.

III.         Establishment of a Sub-Cashiering or Special Cashiering Operation

Every UC Riverside unit wishing to establish a sub-cashiering or special cashiering operation must submit a request, along with a Change Fund Authorized Form. For the details on submitting such a request, visit www.sbs.ucr.edu. Upon review and approval, the Campus Cashier Coordinator and Assistant meets with a representative of the requesting unit.

IV.        Change of Fund Custodian

A unit wishing to transfer the change fund from one custodian to another must complete and submit a Change Fund Authorized Form. For information about the process, visit www.sbs.ucr.edu.

V.          Sub-Cashiering and Special Cashiering Station Standards

BFB-BUS-49, a system-wide policy that contains detailed procedures, provides the requisite  guidance each campus must follow in implementing and conducting cashiering operations. It is used by auditors as the basis for determining adherence to proper cashiering policies. Questions concerning BFB-BUS-49 can be directed to the Campus Cashier Coordinator (Director of Student Business Services), Assistant Campus Cashier Coordinator (Main Cashier's Office Manager), or Audit and Advisory Services.

VI.         Audit/Monitoring of Cashiering Operations

The Main Cashier conducts annual surprise cash counts. The Campus Cashier Coordinator and Assistant conducts periodic reviews of sub-cashiering and special cashiering operations for compliance with BFB-BUS-49. Audit and Advisory Services conducts full operational audits of selected cashiering operations as part of its annual audit plan.

VII.      Operation of Sub-Cashiering and Special Cashiering Stations

BFB-BUS-49 should be consulted to determine the full requirements for operating a cashiering station on campus.

VIII.    Contacts




Suzanne Bailey

(951) 827-3209


Asirra Suguitan

(951) 827-3991


 IX.        Revision History

The policy and associated procedures are reviewed, at a minimum every two years, by the Responsible Officer or designee. The Office of Compliance updates this policy and associated procedures to reflect changes to related policies or governing standards, regulations, laws, and other such guidance as often as required.