UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 200-06

Cash-Check & Cash Handling Procedures

Policy Owner: Student Business Services

Effective Date: 9/15/94 (Updated 6/04)


    1. Cash and checks received by campus departments for University business must be transmitted to the Main Cashier's Office for deposit in the Regents' bank account. Under no circumstances shall checks be routed to other offices to obtain recording data information. When account distribution cannot be readily determined, a Cash Received Undistributed recording (116010-A01392-ZZZZZ-ZZ) shall be made and a photo copy of the check (in lieu of the check) shall be distributed to appropriate offices for reference to determine account distribution.
    2. The head of each campus department, project, etc., is responsible for ensuring that monies accepted by his/her unit and awaiting transmittal to the Main Cashier's Office are secured against accidental loss or theft at all times, day and night.
    3. Immediately upon receipt, checks shall be endorsed for deposit with an official endorsement stamp. The endorsement stamp may be ordered through the Main Cashier's Office.
    4. Invoices, brochures or other documentation requesting payments to the University shall inform the payees that checks must be made payable to "The Regents of the University of California" or to "Regents--U.C."


    The term "cash" includes all negotiable items, i.e., checks, currency, credit card recordings and coin. Departmental deposits of all monies should be recorded on and transmitted with an on-line Deposit Advice Form available thru the departmental cashiering system (CASH) (E-mail Suzanne Bailey at Suzanne.Bailey@ucr.edu to gain access and training) Accuracy of this form is of particular importance since the information will be recorded in the UCR Departmental CASH Collection System, and will be recorded directly to the general ledger.


    1. When collections total less then $500, a transmittal need not be made until the end of the day in which the cumulative collections since the last transmittal reach $500. (But would be preferred on a daily basis)
    2. If less than $500 has accumulated within one week after the previous transmittal, cash and checks received during that week are to be transmitted promptly regardless of the amount on hand.
    3. A transmittal should be made on the last working day of the month regardless of the amount then accumulated. Such transmittals must reach the Main Cashier's Office at least half an hour before the Cashier's normal closing time.
    4. If a Cash Collection Report (CCR) is required, it MUST accompany the deposit to the Main Cashier's Office with 'all' of the approproate documentaion (backup) and supervisor's approval.  The supervisor approval signifies that the supervisor understands and is accountable and responsible for the deposit in accordance with BUS49 (policy for handling cash and cash equivalents) and UCR policy 200-12.  See sample Cash Collection Report.
    5. Coin and currency may not be sent to the Main Cashier's Office through the campus mail.
    6. Deposits must be logged in upon receipt in the Main Cashier's Office.
    7. All credit card transactions must be settled, and recorded, on a daily basis.