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Policy Title:                    Delegation of Authority 

Policy Number:              150-70


Responsible Officer:

Director, Institutional Ethics & Compliance

Responsible Office:

Chief Compliance Office

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Date of Revision:


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Guidance Regarding Delegations of Authority

  I.  Introduction and Overview

Authority for making decisions at the University is communicated through various means, including but not limited to system-wide and campus-wide policies, system-wide and campus-wide delegation of authority letters, procedures, job descriptions, signature authorization forms, and granting various transactor and reviewer roles within campus organizations. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance regarding delegations of authority.

The Regents authorize the President to make certain decisions, including the authority to re-delegate that decision-making authority to Chancellors or other UC officers. The re-delegation of authority is generally formalized through a Delegation of Authority (DA) letter. A database of these Presidential delegations is maintained at the Office of the President Universitywide Policy Office and can be viewed at:
When permitted in a Presidential DA, the Chancellor may choose to re-delegate the applicable authority. Each re-delegation authorized by the Chancellor is maintained in a campus DA database. A link to these re-delegations is provided below.
Each DA letter should specify the title of the position to which authority is being re-delegated, the extent of the authority, and whether or not the authority can be further re-delegated. The letter should include a reference to the source of the authority being re-delegated and include any specific terms, restrictions, or requirements established by the original delegation, as well as making reference to any re-delegation being superseded.
II.   Related Policies and Procedures
See UCR P&P 200-80; Signature Authorization or Cancellation.
III.   Procedures
                  A.  Determining Delegated Authority at the Campus Level
                   The authorities re-delegated to campus officials is maintained in the campus DA database:
The DA database provides:
  *  Key word search functionality 
  *  Sorting by position and functional group 
  The Director of Institutional Ethics and Compliance is available to address any questions or concerns about delegations of authority. 
  B.   Initiating or Revising a Campus-Level Delegation of Authority Letter
     If a new DA letter is needed or revisions are needed to an existing letter, the following guidance should be followed:
  *  A delegation should be authorized to a position title. 
    *  Appropriate reference should be made to the source of the authority being redelegated.
  *  Include in the letter any specific terms, restrictions, or requirements established by the original delegation. 
  *  Make reference to any delegation that is being superseded. 
  *  Establish if there are any restrictions on further re-delegation of the authority.
  *  Include courtesy copies as appropriate.
  *  Given that the delegation of authority is to a position and not to a specific individual, the position retains the authority.
  *  The authority remains in place until revoked by the original delegating position or if explicitly superseded.
 If help is needed, contact the the Director of Institutional Ethics and Compliance.
 IV.  Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  Does a delegation of authority need to be updated when there is a change of personnel in the position to which the authority is being delegated?
Answer:  Given that the delegation of authority is to a position and not to a specific individual, the position retains the authority.
Question:  How are delegations of authority identified? What are the different categories?
Answer:  A delegation beginning with DA is from an officer of the UC Office of the President or a re-delegation of that authority.
A delegation beginning with CHA is a re-delegation from the Chancellor of a delegated authority originating from a system-wide policy.
A re-delegation of authority beginning with VC is from a Vice Chancellor.
Other re-delegations of authority may be identifed as orginating from the Dean of a college.
  V.   Feedback

For more information about this policy or suggestions for improvement, contact the Office of Compliance at (951) 827-8246.

VI.  Revision History

The policy and associated procedures are reviewed, at a minimum every two years, by the Office of Compliance.